Ethan Suplee, Frankie Stechino In ‘Boy Meets World,’ Is Unrecognizable And Flaunts Abs In New Photos After Staggering Weight Loss

Ethan Suplee Boy Meets World Actor Photos

Ethan Suplee has reached his personal goal and shocked his fans with a staggering weight loss amounting to hundreds of pounds.

The 44-year-old actor first found fame on the TV series Boy Meets World where he played a bully named Frankie Stechino for 19 episodes between 1994 and 1998.

And now, many viewers would hardly recognize Suplee as he posed for Men’s Health And Fitness magazine with his top off, showing off the results of his new lifestyle habits — a leaner body and a set of abs.

Ethan Suplee has struggled with being overweight all his life and previously lost more than 200 pounds in 2011 but then regained it.

He told readers that the photographs used for the magazine had not been enhanced. He said there are loose skin and scars, but “this is who I am.”

He added: “I cannot say that actually losing weight has made me happier. I don’t think that’s true. I just think that achieving something I set out to achieve has given me this volume of happiness that is pretty great.”

He went on to say: “For the very first time, I wasn’t getting a deep concern from somebody about my health, and I felt totally accepted for who I was versus what I looked like. And that I think was kind of the bedrock that I was successful with my goals at.”

Ethan Suplee is also crediting his wife, Brandy Lewis, as the inspiration behind his amazing weight loss.

He confessed: “I became, for the first time in my life, kind of interested in the future and having experiences with her. Like spending a day walking around a museum or going on a trip or hiking that I just wasn’t physically able to do. ”

At his heaviest, Suplee weighed in at 530 pounds when he was 24 years old. After following various diets over the course of his life, both his physical and mental health were impacted negatively.

He told the publication that he had lost 250 lbs. and hit his goal of registering 9% body fat.

He has credited his more recent weight loss success with regular strength training and a focus on healthier, nutritious foods.

In 2019 Suplee spoke about his personal goal of reaching less than 9% body fat and achieved this in October 2020.

However, in his interview, he admitted it would be difficult for him to maintain the physique, which he confidently showed off for the magazine feature but now wants to work on maintenance.

Suplee launched his own podcast American Glutton early last year, where he talks to a wide range of people about dieting and lifestyle.

He shares information and stories from his own personal wellness journey, as he believes the key to success is not only willpower but also being armed with useful information.


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