Kate Moss’s Sister, Model Lottie Moss, Is Selling These Bikini And Lingerie Photos For This Devastating Reason

Lottie Moss Kate Sister Selling Photos

It appears that the life of Lottie Moss is anything but boring, as the 23-year-old model recently announced her new business — she is selling steamy photos via OnlyFans and other websites.

Kate Moss‘s sister decided to sell sexy bikini and lingerie photos after her company, Lottiem Ltd revealed that she had £96,604 or $134,505 in the bank.

Lottie Moss offers fans the chance to purchase photos of her famous “booty and boobs” for $5 (£3.60). Lottie Moss recently had engagements in Mexico that were followed by a sexy photoshoot in Los Angeles that most likely will be sold online.

The younger sibling of Kate Moss took to social media to share a couple of photographs and videos of her modeling a stunning set of lingerie and put her glorious figure on display.

In the snaps, the blonde bombshell sported corset-like lingerie in dark pink combined with matching undies.

The attire accentuated Lottie Moss’s ample assets and her toned stomach as she walked around in high heels.

The model also featured a picture in which she was dressed in a pink bodysuit that had a wide cut on her back.

Lottie Moss made fans go wild with a show-stopping lingerie set that featured a pink thong and matching bras.

One fan had this reaction to the sizzling photos: “You are the most gorgeous model I have seen in a long time I was a big fan of Katie Moss, I know where you get you get your great looks from………”

Lottie Moss Kate Sister Selling Photos OnlyFans

Another claimed: “Why did I think this was two people at first? 😭😂” This backer wrote: “The Best backyard in the World 💕”

It appears that even though Moss’s schedule was quite hectic, she also shared some old snaps of her and her friends with the title “I miss my friends.”

Kate Moss Sister Lottie Selling Photos OnlyFans

However, despite her beautiful outlook, Kate Moss’s sister recently received some backlash after it was revealed that she got together with friends while she was in Mexico.

Lottie Moss Kate Sister Selling Pictures OnlyFans

Also, the model was heavily criticized for sharing footage in December that showed her smooching two girlfriends and stating she was a “coronavirus super-spreader.”

Lottie Moss Kate Sister Selling Pictures

Following the controversial post, Lottie took to social media to explain herself by stating, “I just wanted to come on here and say I am so sorry for saying I was a super-spreader” and continued by claiming that the words were meant as a joke and she would “never condone spreading a virus as serious as this.”

The stunning model is building a following in unconventional ways.


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