Kristen Wiig Found A Clever Way To Finally Reveal Her Twin Babies’ Names After Saying She Is Married To Avi Rothman

Kristen Wiig Twin Babies Names Married To Avi Rothman

Kristen Wiig‘s baby twins’ names have finally been revealed in her new film, Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar, recently released in the US.

According to the movie’s end credits, the 47-year-old actress named her two children Luna and Shiloh.

They were born last June via a surrogate and are the first children of Kristen Wiig and Avi Rothman — who Wiig revealed last week is now her husband.

Wiig co-wrote her latest movie with Annie Mumolo, who collaborated with her to co-write the hit movie Bridesmaids, which was released in 2011.

The “special thanks” section in the end credits includes Kristen Wiig’s family — Avi, Luna, and Shiloh — and also mentions Mumolo’s children, Grace and Vincent.

During a recent radio interview with Howard Stern, Wiig revealed she had tied the knot with Avi Rothman in a private ceremony but did not disclose where or when they had exchanged their vows.

Wiig was engaged to 48-year-old Rothman for two years, and the couple was first seen together in 2016 when they traveled to Hawaii together for a beach getaway.

At the time, a source said they had been dating “secretly” for several months before being spotted kissing together in Hawaii.

Speaking about the coronavirus pandemic and spending time with her family, Kristen Wiig said it was “hard not to feel the…struggle going on” and referred to her “husband” Rothman and two children as having “changed; her life.”

The actress explained: “Besides the fact that we are where we are, it’s hard not to feel the s**t and struggle that’s going on, in-home I’m very lucky that I have these two babies and my husband. They make it all better, and it’s changed my life.”

She also said there was something “really nice” about spending so much time with her children while they are so young and plans to try and strike a healthy balance as they grow older.

She stated: “I’m convinced they’re going to forget who I am if I’m gone for a day. I have looked at my children and said, “I am your mother! I am nervous about leaving and going to work when that happens because there’s something really nice about being home with them all the time. But they’re really young right now, and I have that as an advantage because they don’t really know when I’m not there. But that time is coming, and I’ll do my best to balance, and they will come first.”

Before dating Avi Rothman, Kristen Wiig was married to Hayes Hargroves from 2005 until 2009.


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