Meghan Markle Is Told Not To Return To England For This Reason

Meghan Markle Prince Harry England Return

Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, are still facing significant backlash for their spectacular exit from the royal family in January.

While some are bashing them online, a royal expert has taken things a bit further by warning the Duchess of Sussex about returning to England in the future because she broke too many hearts.

British writer and royal maven Tom Bower wrote a scathing piece where he explained that Harry and Meghan’s decision to quit their roles as senior royals had caused the British people a significant amount of grief.

The investigative journalist, who has penned biographies of Prince Charles and Tony Blair, said the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s royal departure in search of freedom and to be financially independent, also angered the millions of royal supporters. The latter welcomed and embraced the American actress.

However, according to the author, the most unforgivable thing that the duchess did via “Megxit” is to create tension and pain in the royal family.

The writer pointed out to the heartbreak that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip suffered when their grandson left them behind.

Bower said is his article: “Harry’s decision to walk away from the monarchy – and criticize it so roundly – has hurt his father and caused a rift with his grandparents. Some might feel that to treat the Queen, and Prince Philip so mercilessly is unforgivable. Loyalty to a new wife is one thing, but surely his duty as a grandson who owes so much to these two beautiful people was not to cause them any grief. I believe it is time for Charles to show that spirit of generosity – but this time with his son.”

Bower also called out Harry: “But Harry, too, must bear some responsibility. If his glamorous American wife is ambitious and headstrong, she is also playing to Harry’s feelings – that he is somehow an outsider in his own family. And he is strong-willed, too.”

Bower went on to explain that Harry’s return to the royal family will depend on Prince Charles, and the expert suggested that Meghan should stay away.

He concluded by: “I hope that Harry really will find freedom – but not in the way the title of the book suggests. I pray that one day he returns to the country he cherishes and which still cherishes him. According to the authors, Charles had made it clear to Harry that he was very much part of the Royal Family’s future, despite calls for a ‘slimmed-down monarchy’ with fewer senior working Royals. For Meghan, however, I fear there is no return.”

The power couple is busy conquering America for now.


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