Nolan Gould Posts Thirst Trap Photos Of His Body Transformation And Some ‘Modern Family’ Fans Shame Him

Nolan Gould Modern Family Body Transformation Photos

Nolan Gould has shocked fans by posting a picture on his Instagram feed showing a dramatic fitness and body transformation.

The Modern Family actor wrapped up filming for the show last year, and after finding himself unemployed due to the coronavirus pandemic, turned his attention to health and fitness.

Nolan Gould, 22, who played Luke Dumphy’s role in the hit TV series, posted to Instagram to show off his toned physique following months of lifestyle changes. Modern Family ended in 2019 after eleven seasons.

He posed against a brick wall while holding heavyweights in both hands and showing off new muscle definition, including a set of abs.

Speaking about his transformation, Gould credited it to his healthier food choices, lack of alcohol, and daily workouts for an hour and a half with his friend and personal trainer, Michael.

Gould said that he has been focusing on changing his outlook and mindset and considering where he wants to go next with his career.

The socially-distanced workouts with his friend, Michael, allowed him to stay focused and have a reason to stay motivated despite not being at work, Gould shared during an interview.

He also spoke about the swaps he has made with his food choices, including changing his large pizzas to more balanced meals, including protein and vegetables.

Swapping soda for more water, Gould has also cut down on alcohol, which he said was the most significant “thing” for him in terms of his health and fitness success, and allowed him to have a clearer head.

He said “nourishing the mind and body” is a key element of becoming healthier.

Speaking of current and future plans, Nolan Gould said he has spent lots of time writing during the pandemic and hopes to be back to work soon.

He shared a few thirst trap pictures of his stunning body transformation and penned this caption: “Six months ago, I started working out with Mike with one simple goal in mind; if Nolan from another dimension, me from the future, or a government created a clone of myself ever tried to take me out and live as the de facto Nolan of this universe, I could best them in one on one combat. This is a stupid goal. It’s an ever-moving target. For every little bit, I get stronger, and it’s safe to assume their power is also increasing. Plus, if they’re extra-dimensional or coming from the future, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that they have four arms or some other enhancements I can’t compete with.”

The entire cast of The Modern Family showed up in the comment section to praise the young star.

However, some fans body-shamed him. A critic made this remark: “He might be ripped but he has no shoulders.”

A naysayer shared: “Someone said he has the body of a Siberian uncle and the face of a 10-year-old Detroit kid. People are funny. 😆”

The young actor is ready to reinvent himself.


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