Eve Hewson Shares A Few Embarrassing Stories About Her Famous Father, Bono

Eve Hewson U2 Bono Daughter Behind Her Eyes

Eve Hewson has revealed her father, Bono, would leave her feeling “embarrassed” as he played loud music and danced on the way to school when she was younger.

The 29-year-old daughter of U2 legend Bono has said her famous father drove through traffic on the way to school, playing the songs being developed by U2 at the time and dancing in his dressing gown.

Speaking in an interview with a magazine, Eve Hewson said she felt “mortified” by her dad’s antics back in her younger days but now exchanges advice with Bono on “many things.”

She confessed that the Backstreet Boys’ hit songs were some of Bono’s favorites and would be played on full volume with the windows open.

He would also get out of the car wearing just a dressing gown and glasses and dance in front of other students and parents.

She explained: “He used to blast Backstreet Boys in his car in traffic on the way to school. He’d get out of the car in his dressing gown and dance with his glasses on, and we’d be mortified. He used to drive us to school and play whatever songs U2 was working on at the time. We’d be very upset if the version we liked didn’t make it onto the album.”

Eve is the daughter of 60-year-old Bono and 59-year-old Ali Hewson and made her acting debut in 2005 with Lost and Found.

She described her father as a “crazy stage mother” and spoke of how he is always ready to talk about her career, giving a run-down of her “full movie credits” to people they are having dinner with.

Most recently, Eve Hewson played the lead in Behind Her Eyes, released on Netflix last week.

Hewson said that at first, both her parents were not happy with her going into the world of performance but are now very supportive.

She also shared that she and her father give each other advice on their jobs and are not afraid to share their opinions on each other’s careers.

Despite their close relationship, Eve Hewson said that “no one cares” who she is related to and joked that if she jumped in front of the cameras, the crew would simply tell her to “get out of the way.”

She stated: “I always say that my dad’s a crazy stage mother. Whenever we’re out and about, he’s always introducing me and talking about me and he gives my full movie credits to whoever we’re having dinner with. It’s more that I just ask him his opinion on many things rather than on one specific thing. We’re constantly giving each other advice, to be honest. I tell him all of my opinions about his career, so it’s a two-way street.”

The talented actress is building an interesting career with some surprising choices.


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