Alex Beresford’s Fans Swoon Over Pictures Of His Son After Racist Bombshell And Piers Morgan Drama

Alex Beresford Piers Morgan Drama Racism

After Alex Beresford clashed with Piers Morgan, he has decided to drop a shocking bombshell about his own children.

In a new interview, Alex Beresford revealed why he understood Meghan Markle‘s racism claims about the Royal Family because he faced a similar situation.

Without mentioning any names, Alex Beresford explained that a former colleague once asked him about the skin color of his baby boy, Cruz Beresford.

The 40-year-old Good Morning Britain presenter, who made headlines with his heated exchange with Morgan, revealed: “I’m a mixed-race man myself, my son’s mother is white, and I had a former colleague ask me the very question, and the exact words were ‘are you worried about the shade of cocoa that your baby is going to come out.'”

He went to explain: “And the keyword in that sentence is not “cocoa” but is “worried.” Of course, we are going to wonder what features the baby will take, but you would have these conversations whether it was two white parrots or two black parrots, but context is everything, and they led us to believe that it was said in a concerned context, which is offensive.”

Many fans have rushed to Alex Beresford’s Instagram to share positive comments under the photos of his son, Cruz.

A fan wrote: “Your son is so beautiful, Alex! Thank you for speak up… You will be the next GMB Anchor tomorrow morning !!! Good for you .”

Alex Beresford and Piers Morgan recently made headlines after taking their Twitter feud live in the studio as Beresford labeled Morgan “diabolical.”

Beresford highlighted the “damaging” media coverage towards Meghan Markle since she became engaged to Prince Harry, saying it was clearly affecting her mental health negatively.

Just before Piers Morgan walked off the set, Alex Beresford had suggested Morgan was bitter about Meghan Markle “cutting him off” since he has previously claimed they went for a drink together.

Morgan’s co-host, Susanne Reid, announced an early ad break, with Morgan returning later to say he and Beresford should work together in a “civilized manner” on the same TV show.

Although Morgan had expressed doubt over the claims made by Meghan Markle in the interview, he told viewers that mental health should be taken very seriously.

Following the incident, Beresford took to Twitter in a message which was clearly in response to his rift with his colleague.

Beresford tweeted that he wished he had the “privilege of sitting on the fence” when it came to racism before telling his followers that nobody should pull apart claims of racism made by others.

Morgan has since been fired from the morning program.


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