Kendall Jenner Confirms That Her Romance With Devin Booker Is Going To The Next Level With Intimate Photos

Kendall Jenner Devin Booker Getting Serious Photos

Kendall Jenner seems to be opening up about her relationship with Devin Booker after she shared a photo posing in his closet wearing a bra from her sister Kim Kardashian‘s SKIMS collection.

On Valentine’s Day, the 25-year-old influencer confirmed her relationship with Phoenix Suns player Devin Booker, 24, with a sweet picture on her Instagram Stories of the couple cuddling in the kitchen.

The romance is going to the next level because she appeared to be staying at his home on Wednesday when she shared a mirror selfie to her 156 million social media followers, displaying her toned abs and a part of her boyfriend’s shoe collection behind her.

Standing in a large walk-in closet wearing a black bra and green sweatpants, Kendall Jenner captioned the photo to tell her fans she “only wears” SKIMS and Cherry Los Angeles.

Thursday, the final season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians aired, and a trailer has already revealed some of what Kendall was expected to talk about.

She was seen in a trailer saying that she wants to have children “badly” and “soon.”

Despite only recently sharing the romantic photo with Devin Booker, Kendall Jenner has been dating the basketball player since April last year, keeping it quiet through most of the coronavirus pandemic.

A source said that Kendall now feels like she wants to share a bit more about their relationship, which is getting more serious.

The source also revealed that Devin does not enjoy being in the spotlight all the time, which is something Kendall likes about him.

A source told ET Online: “Kendall was ready to take her relationship with Devin to a more public level and get rid of any unnecessary speculation in the media. She felt ready to share a bit more than she has in the past when she posted the photo of them on Valentine’s Day.”

The insider added: “Their relationship has gotten more serious, and Devin is really laid back and not all about fame or being in the spotlight all the time, which Kendall really likes. He makes her feel comfortable and safe and he’s super respectful, which are all qualities she loves.”

During a game of “Never Have I Ever” with Hailey Beiber, Kendall said that it would be “so nice to be married,” prompting speculation that she might soon be taking her relationship with Devin to the next level.


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