Elizabeth Hurley Removes All Her Clothes In Stunning Photos While Blasting ‘Friends’ Who Leaked This Story About Her

Elizabeth Hurley Reality TV Show Rumor With Son Damian Denied

Elizabeth Hurley has a wild a crazy rumor to deny, and she has decided to do so by posting a picture where she has no clothes on at all.

The model and fashion designer took to Instagram this week, where she posted a breathtaking picture. The swimsuit designer wears no clothes as she sits on a haystack.

Elizabeth Hurley cleverly crossed her legs and placed her arms in positions to hide her modesty.

Via the caption, she shut down the leaked story that she is getting ready to star in a reality TV show with her son, Damian Hurley.

Elizabeth Hurley wrote: “Abzuuuurd stories in our illustrious press today. Hear it from the horse’s mouth, my son @damianhurley1 and I are most definitely NOT planning to shoot a ‘Waltons- style reality TV show’ at home. I mean!! Whoever the ‘friend’ (or bored journalist) is, who’s leaking these fictional tidbits, you are ridiculous 😘😘😘😘.”

Later in the week, Elizabeth Hurley gave her Instagram followers a treat when she shared a beach photo of herself wearing her favorite bikini in a leopard print.

The 55-year-old model and actress said her “favorite bikini is finally back in stock” and shared the throwback image where she is standing on a sandy beach showing off her toned figure and her most-loved bikini.

She smoldered at the camera while tilting her head to the side, with her hair styled loosely around her face and shoulders.

She wore smokey eyeshadow and a splash of pink lip gloss to add a touch of glamor.

Over the weekend, Elizabeth Hurley shared another photo to Instagram, sitting alongside her 19-year-old son, Damien Hurley, and wishing a happy birthday to her “beautiful baby.”

The mother and son have been spending time together over the last year due to the coronavirus pandemic, where they have been quarantining at Elizabeth’s huge 13-bedroom mansion in Hertfordshire, UK.

Joined by her 80-year-old mother, her aunt who is in her late 70s, and other “vulnerable friends” including a woman with low immunity,

Elizabeth Hurley jokingly referred to her quarantine experience as being like the 1970s show The Waltons, where a large family lived in a secluded area of Virginia during World War II.

The huge estate, which boasts its own lake and acres of countryside, was purchased by Elizabeth Hurley and her ex-partner, Shane Warne, back in 2012.

She described herself as “incredibly lucky” to be spending so much time outdoors in the countryside during the coronavirus pandemic, despite feeling “nervous and scared” in these uncertain circumstances.

Elizabeth Hurley said she was the only person to leave the estate in 16 weeks at the beginning of the pandemic when she went to do “a brief raid on the shops.”


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