Lottie Moss Is Pictured In A Bikini In The Streets And Blames Sister Kate Moss’s Comparisons For Her Shocking Career Move

Lottie Moss Kate Sister Career Change

Lottie Moss was spotted out in London wearing a revealing pink bikini the day after she announced to her fans that they could now subscribe to her OnlyFans page.

The 23-year-old sister of Kate Moss flew from Los Angeles to the UK to spend some time with her family and friends while handling some business.

She was walking through the streets of London wearing an outfit that put plenty of her cleavage and legs on display.

With temperatures soaring in recent days in England, Lottie saported a bright pink bikini and unbuttoned mini denim shorts, staying cool as she strolled through the capital with a black bag over her shoulder.

She wore cowboy boots and a white shirt which was left unbuttoned, leaving her toned midriff and eye-catching bikini on full show.

Lottie, who is the younger sister of supermodel Kate Moss, 47, was seen checking her phone and wearing earphones.

The day before, she revealed to her Instagram following that she now has an OnlyFans page, allowing people to subscribe to view explicit content.

The site is used by sex workers as well as social media influencers and celebrities.

Lottie joins fellow celebs, including Cardi B and Bella Thorne, who have pages on the X-rated site.

However, Lottie has an additional offering for her fans — allowing them to buy her panties once they have signed up to her VIP section.

She wrote that anyone, who tips $200, will automatically be granted access to the VIP content, which includes unlimited free chat because Lottie “gets so many messages.”

She also offers exclusive posts, custom content, and now “pantie purchases” in the VIP section, which is a “place for [her] most explicit content.”

In an interview, Lottie revealed that she decided to join the site because of her sister, Kate Moss.

She confessed: “It’s hard when your sister is Kate Moss and being compared to her…I had a great time modeling, but everything was handed to me; I never felt like I worked for anything.”

She continued: “I wanted something of my own. So now I take naked pictures. I met someone who I clicked with in LA who did it. I hid my true personality in London. We’re so similar — people pleasers — and cover up social anxiety by being outgoing. We got drunk and shot naked, and I felt very liberated doing it. I’m a very sexual person.”

Earlier this year, Lottie provoked mixed reactions when she joined adult-only platform Glow, with her family reported to have taken a dim view and her model agency trying to persuade her to change her mind.


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