There Is An Interesting Development Between Tom Cruise And His Co-Star, Hayley Atwell

Tom Cruise Hayley Atwell Dating Rumors Mission Impossible 7

Rumors are swirling around, claiming that Tom Cruise may be getting a bit close to Hayley Atwell, his co-star from Mission Impossible 7.

Neither Cruise nor Atwell has addressed the chatter, but sources claim that things are apparently getting quite cozy between them, as they bond while filming the action movie.

An insider spoke to OK! Magazine explaining that the actress has been seen entering Cruise’s luxury London apartment on multiple occasions since filming resumed over the summer.

The person also told OK! that Atwell appeared to spend a few hours “alone with Cruise before sneaking out undetected in the middle of the night.”

The publication revealed that the duo was seen quite affectionate with each other while filming scenes in Rome and later in Venice.

Some have been speculating if this could be the start of a true romance, or if Cruise is just looking for some fun without any strings attached.

It certainly would not be the first time the iconic actor has managed to charm a co-star with his looks and demeanor.

Fans have been pointing out the many relationships he has gone through with past co-stars — both short- and long-term ones.

Cruise dated many of his co-stars, including Rebecca De Mornay and Penelope Cruz.

The famous member of the Church of Scientology ended up marrying his Days of Thunder co-star, Nicole Kidman.

A pal made this confession: “It happens every time. I think it is because of his charisma and the insular nature of filming. He is so intense and invested in the filming on all levels. As an actor, he wants to be there for his co-stars once the camera is rolling, and he makes his on-screen romances seem so real, which is probably why he has dated so many leading ladies.”

One thing is certain, though — even if there is something going on between Cruise and Atwell, it will likely take some time for the truth to surface.

Cruise is also known for being somewhat secretive about his romantic life, so everything is on the table right now.

Atwell herself is not exactly known for being too open about her private life either.

The curiosity of their fans has been through the roof at this point. Cruise has been single for some time, and many of his backers are happy he might be dating again.

The Hollywood icon was able to keep his love life private in recent years.


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