Meghan Markle And Prince Harry’s Major Clash With Buckingham Palace Averted Thanks To Kate Middleton’s Latest Actions

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Multiple phone calls from Kate Middleton might have caused a significant shift in Meghan Markle and avoided yet another feud with the royal family.

It was previously claimed that Meghan Markle was preparing to fight the rumors that she “bullied” her aides in Buckingham Palace. Still, it appears that all has been put on hold after Prince William‘s wife reached out to her after the birth of her baby girl, Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor.

A royal insider spoke to Us Weekly and revealed that since the arrival of Lili Diana, Meghan’s sister-in-law, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, has gone out of her way to make sure that peace reigns in the royal family.

Kate Middleton determined to soften Prince Harry and the former American actress has been calling and talking to them very often.

She has also ordered her staff to shower them with gifts and other kind gestures in hopes of restoring the relationships between the Sussexes, Prince William, Queen Elizabeth II, and Prince Charles.

The source shared with the publication: “Kate has been reaching out to Meghan a lot more since [Lilibet] was born, and she’s sending [notes and] gifts and trying to build up a relationship. The firm has been instructing staffers to reach out more to Harry and Meghan to get them to soften a bit.”

The softening of Meghan Markle comes after reports claimed that she was getting ready for a showdown with the royal family over bullying accusations.

Recently, two palace aides stepped forward and complained that the Duchess of Sussex was abusing them during her time as a senior royal and was “bullying” people working for her regularly.

In addition, a source has reported that there are “at least 10” more people who were “queuing up” to speak up about how the 39-year-old former senior royal also bullied them.

Meanwhile, an insider claimed that Meghan Markle was determined to prove she was right, as the Duchess of Sussex was convinced that “the staff was not up to their job” and people just could not endure her hectic schedule or did not have the “understanding how she wanted things to run.”

The source also reportedly stated that Prince Harry’s wife was ready to fight every bullying accusation, and the situation was most likely to result in a “brutal showdown.”

According to renowned royal expert and author of Battle of Brothers, Robert Lacey, Meghan Markle’s treatment of palace staff was questionable ever since she joined the royal family.

Lacey also alleged that the first time when someone complained to Meghan about her rude behavior towards royal aides, the Duchess reportedly exclaimed, “It’s not my job to coddle people.”

He said: “But Meghan is adamant the staff were not up to their job and could not deal with the pressure of working for her and understanding how she wanted things to run.”

A royal insider added: “The feeling is this is heading for a brutal showdown between the Duchess of Sussex, who is understood to be disputing all allegations labelled against her. The Palace is taking each and every allegation very seriously and wants to get to the truth of the matter and ensure those speaking up deserve to be heard.”

Meghan’s treatment of royal aides was the reason why Prince William chose to distance himself from Prince Harry in 2019.

Allegedly, the Duke of Cambridge was so “furious” that he decided to immediately split households with the Duke of Sussex.

It now seems that Kate Middleton has averted the major clash between Meghan Markle and the royals because there are no new reports claiming she wants to move forward with the fight.

Additionally, she has decided to travel with Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, to London in September to attend a Princess Diana tribute.


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