Here Is Why Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani Are Not Getting Married And Having Children Anytime Soon

Blake Shelton Gwen Stefani Marriage Children

It has been three years now since Blake Shelton and his lady love, Gwen Stefani, made their romance official.

Fans have followed the pair on The Voice where they flirted very often and talked about getting married and having children.

Pictures and videos posted by the mother of three paint the perfect family portrait.

The little clan often travels between California and Oklahoma for fishing trips and hunting. All seems well, but many of the supporters are baffled by the fact the country star has yet to propose.

Is there trouble in paradise despite the sweet Instagram posts and PDA sessions during concerts?

A source close to the artists said they are not in a rush to get married because they are both divorcees.

They are in a great place, and they call each other husband and wife — so they already consider themselves as a married couple.

The insider told Hollywood Life: “Neither Gwen or Blake plan to jinx what they have. It’s great as it is, and they’re aware that sometimes getting married can add a lot of pressure to a relationship, and they don’t want to risk that right now. Additionally, their schedules are crazy busy, that logistically it would be a real headache trying to arrange a wedding, so they prefer to wait till Gwen’s residency is done and take their time to do it properly and come up something wonderful and special when the time is right.”

The person went on to say: “Gwen and Blake are not secretly married, but they are calling each other husband and wife. Gwen and Blake have talked about marriage, and it’s something that they definitely do want to do one day, but they’re thrilled with the way things are right now, and they’ve both been married before, so they have no reason to rush into it .”

They have also postponed their decision to have kids because Blake is complete having his girlfriend’s children — Kingston, 12, Zuma, 9, and Apollo, 4 — around.

The pal concluded with: “Blake is always thinking about fatherhood, and when it gets to a fever pitch, he brings himself back to earth and decides against it. The reason for that is that he has his hands full with Gwen’s kids and he is enjoying how that is going.”

The pair keeps their supporters on their toes with every move they make indeed.


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