Tim McGraw And Faith Hill’s Daughter, Gracie McGraw, Takes On Body-Shamers By Showing It All In Jaw-Dropping Videos — Some Trump Supporters Call Her A Hypocrite

Gracie McGraw Video Trump Supporters

Gracie McGraw has a large following on social media, and she has decided to use her fame for a great cause.

The 23-year-old daughter of legendary artists Tim McGraw and Faith Hill is letting the world know that all bodies are beautiful.

The actress recently shared a video where she is working out using a stripper pole. Gracie, who is wearing very revealing underwear and a cute white tank top, could be seen twirling around on the pole where she appeared to be breaking out a sweat while having lots of fun.

She used the caption to share a powerful message. Gracie confessed that while she is aware that she is not getting all the moves right, she is enjoying herself while toning her figure and clearing her mind.

She also explained that she is a work in progress and is learning to love her curves.

She wrote: “This is for ME! I’m strengthening and taking my body back. This makes me feel POWERFUL AND ABLE. I honestly never thought I’d be able to hold myself up so this is a big win for me. I’m proud of myself. This is the best workout for body and mind. I feel in charge and like a freaking boss. I think this is called a sit and I’m probably doing it wrong but I’m learning! If you judge womxn for using THEIR own bodies to do what they want, then you suck.”

Gracie, a proud Democrat, was bashed by a Donald Trump supporter who attacked her by writing: “And you call Trump a “pu*sy grabber”??? What the hell is this called??? Double standards is what I call it. I never see any Trump kids act like this. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!”

A backer stepped in to defend her with this jaw-dropping remark: “This comment is too ridiculous, but just here to remind you your First Lady Melania posed nude for GQ and Trump has dated multiple escorts and playboy models (not to mention he has 26 sexual open assault allegations.)”

Gracie recently made headlines by sharing a bikini photo where she laid her emotions bare while talking about not being accepted by some because she had a little more weight on her body.

Gracie revealed that she tried to hide her figure and having unhealthy thoughts about the woman she was.

She stated: “I’ve hated these parts of my body ever since I can remember…. and some of the time I still wish they looked different BUT we are constantly learning to love and evolve. I remember times where I wouldn’t eat in public because I was so scared of what people would think or I would only wear baggy clothes to hide my body so I didn’t even have to look at it. I was always deemed as “unhealthy” because I had a little more weight on me, which really made me question myself more and more. In reality I was actually a healthy person but what was truly unhealthy about me was the way I was thinking. Today, yeah, sometimes those ideas of myself creep back in but now they seem like little blips just passing by. I truly cannot believe how far I’ve come on this journey of loving myself. I wanted to post this as a reminder to me and to anyone who needs it that those bad feelings will pass.”

She explained where the self-love journey has taken her: “Sometimes it’s f*cking hard but I honestly have always believed that if life isn’t hard then you aren’t really getting anything out of it. Every body is beautiful! Rolls are sexy! Hip dips rule!! Remember to laugh or smile today and think of something you enjoy about yourself. You deserve it!!”

The progress is clear for the young woman.


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