Matt Barnes Has An Interesting Take When It Comes To Masin Elije And The Dwight Howard Gay Allegations

Matt Barnes Dwight Howard Masin Elije Gay Allegations

NBA star Matt Barnes, who happens to be Dwight Howard‘s former teammate, has decided to speak on the scandal involving author Masin Elije.

Joined by Stephen Jackson, Barnes took to social media where he told his followers that he had plans to offer his opinion on the bombshells dropped by Elije who claims to be Howard’s ex-gay boyfriend.

Barnes said the situation was crazy and went on to explain that he never had any personal issues with Howard while they were teammates in Orlando.

Jackson made a bizarre joke about Howard and quickly issued a semi-apology.

Barnes went on to praise transgender people and spoke highly of Caitlyn Jenner whom he met through Lamar Odom.

Barnes said he does not approve of the way the media handles these issues.

Saturday, Elije confessed to the world that he dated the NBA star and they split after a cheating scandal. He said Howard’s camp was harassing him.

He stated via Twitter: “I was afraid to speak but today my life was threatened after I was sexually harassed, threatened and manipulated, by someone, I respected, my ex-boyfriend NBA player Dwight Howard, and his camp also “catfished” by his disrespectful ass PASTOR. Before we start, I just need to say this is really about his team and his crooked PASTOR threatening my life over an unsigned NDA, and he has been trying to intimidate ME into taking “hush money” for what they did to me.”

He later did an interview where he shared more details: “I have been harassed, sexually harassed, called aa ‘f-isggot in a wig’, I have been told in the videos as you can see (below) ‘you better movee’, ‘you are a freak’, ‘bend over faggot and tell them that’. I have been threatened; my life has been threatened by Dwight Howard’s PASTOR! I have had every gay slur said to me by Dwight Howard’s PASTOR, Calvin Simmons because I did not want to sign a nondisclosure agreement regarding Dwight.”

He added: “I did not take ‘hush money’ because I was afraid they [would] try to say I extorted Dwight. I just wanted this situation to go away, but the threats his team and pastor made frightened me to the point where I am still afraid. Dwight Howard has done nothing to tell his team and the people he works with to leave me alone. THAT IS MY STORY!”

Howard has yet to address the rumors about his sexuality.


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