Kylie Jenner Gets The Attention She Deserves With Revealing New Pictures — They Even Helped Squash The Travis Scott Split Rumors

Kylie Jenner Travis Scott Together

It is no secret that Kylie Jenner is fond of showing off her figure, and she has recently been on a roll.

She has decided to show off her body in a suggestive and revealing new outfit in an Instagram post and took many by surprise with the stunning appearance of her body.

She had managed to pick a very matching set of clothes overall and captioned the photo with “cloud nine.”

Jenner does not seem to be affected by a minor recent incident, in which she was accused of flaunting her wealth in an interview.

According to Jenner, that is not how the conversation went down at all, and she was disappointed to be presented in this manner in the media by Jennifer Lopez’s fiancé.

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mi amor

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However, this is far from the first time that someone has alleged that Jenner might be a bit too fond of talking about herself in such situations, so it does not look like many were too surprised by the story, to begin with.

It is worth noting that Rodriguez, who initially made the accusations, has backtracked on his claims to some extent, and has pointed out that Jenner was pleasant to talk to.

In any case, it does not look like Jenner herself is all too affected by all of this, as she has continued to work on her private affairs and public image — and according to some, she is still quite good at it.

Her recent social media posts would certainly indicate that she has not lost her style in any way, at least.

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Glam ☑️

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Critics still have a lot to say about her behavior in general. One person stated: “Ever see some pictures and it’s just so obvious that a person has had work done? And you can’t say it’s genetic because if you look at old pictures of Kris, she looked like Kendall. Long and lean.😂”

Another commenter chimed in with: “How do some people like this? Her body looks so wrong and disproportionate. No natural beauty in this.”

A third follower added: “Smh she makes all that money and can’t afford pants that fit… I hope she knows her underwear is sticking out………”

It was rumored recently that Jenner and her baby daddy, Travis Scott, might be facing some issues in their relationship.

It turns out, this could not be further from the truth and the parents of Stormi Webster have reconnected.

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