John Formisano, Cop Accused Of Killing His Estranged Wife, Christine Formisano, And Shooting Her Boyfriend, Says He ‘Blacked Out’ As Friends Revealed There Were No Warning Signs

John Formisano Christine Formisano New Jersey

A police lieutenant, John Formisano, 49, from Newark, New Jersey is facing serious charges after it was revealed that he had shot his estranged wife, Christine Formisano, to death, and had attempted to kill her boyfriend, initials T.S. in court records, as well, injuring him in the act.

The assault was reportedly committed while the couple’s children were inside the same house, according to official statements.

The affidavit read: “After entering the residence, Formisano stated that he began to suspect that (Christie Formisano) had a male guest in the bedroom, at which point he ‘blacked out.’ He stated that he recalls firing his weapon numerous times at C.F. and T.S.”

The lieutenant charged the home shortly after midnight, shooting both his wife and her 40-year-old boyfriend, but only managing to kill one.

The woman was able to get out of the house and ran off to a neighbor’s place to get help, but was shot and killed at their front door.

The boyfriend’s condition is reportedly critical, and it is not clear what his chances are at this point. Reports indicate that he has gone through multiple surgeries, and his condition remains stable.

The shooter was subsequently arrested at his parents’ home shortly after the incident and was charged with the horrendous act.

Many have commented on the fact that his position of authority could have contributed to his ability to carry out the murder in the way he did, but others have questioned this.

President of the Newark Fraternal Order of Police, James Stewart Jr. had this reaction regarding the tragedy: “To say that we are all shocked by the events of early this morning would be a tremendous understatement.”

He added: “He had been going through marital problems, and he has been taking care of his mother who is battling serious health issues, but there was no indication that any violence was being contemplated. Our hearts break for his children, and our condolences go out to the shattered family of his wife, we are all just stunned.”

In the meantime, some have been focusing their attention on the woman’s boyfriend, sending him their best wishes on social media and hoping that he is going to make it through the difficult ordeal.

Even if he survives though, the shooter is likely still going to face serious charges for the attempted murder and may have to spend significant time behind bars in the near future.


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