Kamala Harris Campaign Dismisses So-Called Feud With Taylor Swift’s Fans After Fundraiser Photo With Her Nemesis, Scooter Braun

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Kamala Harris seems to have made a pretty bad impression on fans of Taylor Swift, after she was spotted together with Scooter Braun, even attending a recent fundraiser hosted by the producer.

Many of Swift’s supporters are apparently in outrage over that, as the singer has been involved in a tense dispute over the rights to some of her recordings, and Mr. Braun has been painted as a villain by many of the pop superstar’s supporters.

And now, many of her followers have started to attack the senator over her connection to Braun, expressing their disappointment on social media, and claiming that they would not offer any support to her in the future.

This has been echoed by multiple fans of Swift already, and it looks like her supporter base is nothing to underestimate.

However, others have pointed out that Harris probably does not have much to worry about.

When celebrities and politics are mixed in this manner, the people expressing the most outrage are typically the ones who would not have voted in the first place.

With that in mind, it does not look like Harris will be too damaged by the recent attacks on her, and has been moving on with her campaign.

However, in the era of social media, having a bunch of dedicated critics might not be the best thing. That is the reason why the Harris campaign tried hard to dismiss the story.

Ian Sams, National Press Secretary for Kamala Harris for President, wrote on social media: “Still mindblowing to see ostensibly mainstream outlets pushing this. The quote that @thedailybeast is amplifying here to its 1.2M followers is from an anonymous account with a profile pic from Shutterstock and a banner img: ‘Proud to Be An American.’”

One critic wrote: “#Scooterbraun thinking he’s playing with the big boys mingling with the puppets. Politics is an illusion – just like you Scooter!!”

A second Swiftie added: “I guess as long as Kamala never tries to own her music or career ..you will like her🤷🏼‍♀️ rethinking my vote for her since she’s crawling around in your mud 👎 greedy. 🐷”

Swift has recently expressed her disdain over a business move made by Justin Bieber‘s manager, blasting Braun on her blog and claiming that she was disappointed to find out that he will own the rights to her old songs after he purchased her old record label, Big Machine Records.

However, this is hardly a unique development in the entertainment world.

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