Adele’s Latest Comment On Social Media Has Her Fans In Full Panic Mode For This Reason

Adele New Album Drama Babyface Teddy Riley

One of Adele‘s latest comments on social media set the majority of her fans in panic mode, as a lot of people were worried that the “Hello” performer’s newest studio album was not going to be ready this year.

The 31-year-old singer’s words that caused so much concern was a comment to the recent Instagram Live session with R&B producers Teddy Riley and Babyface.

While waiting for the music battle between the two producers to begin, the “Someone Like You” artist typed, “Come on, it’s 2020 – we ain’t meant to get what we want!”.

However, a lot of fans of Adele thought that she was referring not only to the Instagram Live session but also to the arrival of her next album.

One follower responded to the artist with “Adele hunting us we ain’t getting her album in 2020”, while another fan appeared to be more optimistic by writing, “I wish Adele would hit us with that post-divorce album. I could really use something to get through quarantine.”

The singer’s last album, 25, was released back in 2015, and since then, fans have been eagerly awaiting her next project.

The celebrity recently made headlines when it was rumored that her divorce from Simon Konecki would cost her more than $100 million.

The couple first announced their separation in April last year and since then have started with the divorce proceedings.

So far, even though most of the details about the division of their assets remain a secret, it was confirmed that Adele and Konecki would continue to co-parent their 7-year-old son, Angelo, together.

Adele also made headlines after she showed off her new body after she shed a whopping 100 pounds.

A source spoke to the media and said this about Adele’s state of mind: “Adele has never felt better in her life. She’s glowing on the outside, and that is a direct reflection of how good she feels on the inside. It has taken her so much hard work and determination, and she’s totally transformed her lifestyle. She does all the L.A. stuff she used to laugh at now, and she loves it. She drinks green juice; she hikes, she does Pilates. She has personal trainers. She won’t admit that she likes working out, but she makes time for it one way or another pretty much every day.”

Experts say new releases from artists like Adele are unlikely this year because of the social distancing guidelines that are in place to fight the coronavirus.


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