Elle Knox, Australian Adult Star, Claims United Airlines Kicked Her Off Sydney Flight Over George Floyd Protests Speech

Elle Knox Australian Star United Airlines George Floyd

Elle Knox, a 28-year-old Australian porn star, claims that she was booted off a United Airlines flight after delivering a speech about the George Floyd protests around the country and the current national unrest.

The adult entertainer was heading to Sydney, Australia, from Houston, Texas, via San Francisco, California. She has shared on social media what she supposedly told the other 300 passengers.

Knox said on Twitter: “I stood up and said, ‘This isn’t my country, I’m an Australian. But I’ve noticed your democracy being threatened. Do not be complacent. Decide what side of history you’d like to be on’. Now, police are coming.”

She continued: “I was told I couldn’t make a political statements on a United Airline, I told them this was a human rights statement.”

At the root of the problem, Knox reportedly made some of the other passengers feel “threatened.” Moreover, the airline company says that her behavior was the issue and not the content of her message.

A spokesman for United Airlines named Frank Benenati explained: “As the plane landed, she got up and started yelling. You can’t stand on an active runway. Nobody can. It’s a safety issue.”

An official statement from the company also read: “This customer refused to follow strict crewmember instructions about standing up while our flight attendants were in their jump seats and the aircraft was taxiing on the runway. Law enforcement involvement was entirely due to the safety and security of the passengers, crew, and the aircraft itself. After speaking with the customer regarding this incident — who later apologized for her actions — she was allowed to continue her journey to Sydney.”

Knox could have attended a protest instead of creating all of this commotion. She revealed why this was her only solution: “If I could, I’d be at a protest! But I can’t, so I used my voice where I could. I’d rather do what I did, than stay silent. I had a chance for 300+ people to hear what I had to say & I took it.”

One critic told the avid traveler: “As if anyone would listen to a scrag like you. How dare you defend people who loot and steal and assault innocent workers. If your family has a business, I’ll find it and organize a boycott.”

A second person, who thought what she did was wrong, added: “Anything for attention, you don’t care about anybody but yourself!”

Knox, who is still in quarantine, is not backing down and is still pushing for justice and equality for all.


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