After Queen Elizabeth Saw These Leaked Photos Of Sarah Ferguson She Decided To Give Her And Daughters Princesses Beatrice And Eugenie The Royal Boot

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The British royal family is famous for many things — and epic scandals are on top of the list, and Sarah, Duchess of York, has a few in her closet.

Queen Elizabeth II and Sarah Ferguson had blowup like no other that led to her banishing her along with her two daughters — Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie from her lavish vacation home.

The clash with Sarah Ferguson occurred in 1992 over a series of leaked scandalous photos to the public.

The Queen took the extraordinary measures against the former wife of Prince Andrew, Duke of York, because she humiliated herself and the royal family in a spectacular manner that is now engraved in the history books.

The Queen and her family were on holiday in her lavish Balmoral Castle in Scotland when the bombshell scandal erupted.

The inappropriate pictures show Sarah, Duchess of York, in a very compromising situation with her lover, John Bryan.

In some of the eye-popping photos, Sarah, Duchess of York, had a bikini on and she was canoodling Bryan.

In a few other snaps, it appears that Sarah Ferguson seems to have removed her bikini top while Bryan kissed her feet. Her Majesty did not hesitate and sent Ferguson and her two daughters packing.

In the documentary, Fergie and Andrew: The Duke and Duchess of Disaster, royal expert Ingrid Seward share a few details about the life-changing incident: “Sarah took one look around the dining room and thought, ‘oh, but for the grace of God, go the lot of you, I’m going,’ so she went back upstairs. She had to see the Queen and the Queen – remember, these two are relatively close – was furious with her. Just furious.”

Royal expert Richard Kay stated that Bryan tried to reassure Sarah.

Kay stated: “Bryan promised her everything would be fine, but I could see in his face that he didn’t really believe it. Those pictures were going to be on the breakfast room sideboard in a few short hours in the Queen’s castle. They would also be winging around the world to be pored over by millions.”

Royal commentator Katie Nicholl concluded by: “It spelled the end of Fergie’s life as a royal.”

After the divorce, Ferguson was able to reinvent herself in some fashion, and she maintained a strong presence in the tabloids. She also found herself involved in other scandals.

In the press, she has tried recently to defend her former husband after he was linked to the Jeffrey Epstein scandal.


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