Cassie Drops New Video To Show What Is Under Her Clothes — An Insanely Fit Body And Sculpted Abs

Cassie Ventura Alex Fine Post-Baby Photoshoot

Mama Cassie is proud of her latest accomplishment, and she has decided to show it off to the world by wearing the bare minimum. The singer and actress became a first-time mom about seven months ago.

Cassie and her new husband, Alex Fine, welcomed an adorable baby girl into the world and named her Frankie Fine.

The “I Know What You Want” singer and her spouse shared numerous photos online that showed that they are genuinely enjoying the precious gift of parenthood.

In most of the photos, Cassie finds ways to keep her body hidden. That is no longer the case.

This week, Cassie removed her clothes to show millions of followers what she has been hiding for the past months — killer and sculpted abs, toned arms, and overall impressive body.

Alex’s wife posted several videos where she is walking close to a mirror with her pants undone and no shirt on. Cassie left nothing to the imagination in sheer yellow lingerie that she posted on her Instagram Story.

The dancer wrote a note where she revealed that she is thrilled with her seven-month postpartum figure and added: “I haven’t posted anything like this in a while, but I’m very proud of myself. The female body is truly an amazing thing. I didn’t rush to lose weight after having Frankie in December, but when I was ready to, I struggled with it for some months, and with less stress and healthier habits, this is me seven months postpartum. Feeling really good, I’m healthy and working on my strength. Love your body!!!”

Some fans praised the 33-year-old entertainer for getting her fabulous figure, while others said that her husband is a personal trainer, and not all women can lose the weight that fast.

Cassie received this nuanced message that read: “I’m all for positive vibes, but for most women, after they have kids, the reality of getting their old body back is gone…the average mother does not have nannies, nutritionists, personal trainers, etc. to help them get their bodies back… it’s just such a false narrative.”

This Instagrammer said that muscle memory had a lot to do with it: “She’s married to a personal trainer… I’m sure she got some guidance about taking her time and what that would look like. Muscle has memory.”

A third person added: “Girl, you were skinny before the baby. We knew you would get that bomb body back. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾Just a reminder to pregnant mommas & moms: it’s ok if your body doesn’t look perfect within a year or ever. As long as you & your babies are healthy!!! That’s what matters!!! ✨✨✨”

Cassie and her Alex became parents in December.


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