Queen Elizabeth’s Confidante Exposes Deep Rift With Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

Queen Elizabeth Prince Harry Meghan Markle's Wedding Tiara

The speculation around Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, and their involvement with the royal family continue to develop. More reports and rumors have floated up to the surface because of the bombshell new biography that has painted the situation in an even more gloomy light than previously thought.

Many have started to question whether the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had any chance at a real future in the royal family.

Even Quen Elizabeth II herself seems to have grown impatient with the antics of her grandson, reportedly criticizing Prince Harry for the language he had used towards one of her personal aides.

The Queen’s dresser and confidante, Angela Kelly, who holds the keys for all the jewelry pieces, was scolded by an angry Prince Harry.

According to Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of a Modern Royal Family, the whole incident went down during a discussion about the tiara Meghan wanted for her royal wedding.

At some point in the process, Prince Harry used a rather unpleasant language, prompting the Queen to directly reprimand him for his behavior towards Kelly.

The authors of Finding Freedom revealed: “Kelly was deliberately dragging her feet” when Meghan asked for access to the tiara. Harry felt that some of the old guard’ at the Palace ‘simply didn’t like Meghan and would stop at nothing to make her life difficult.”

Kelly has decided to share her version of the story. A person close to Kelly explained what happened: “The book’s version of what happened would not be everyone else’s recollection of events and certainly not those who were close to it. Meg had flown her hairdresser over from Paris for a hair practice, and they needed the tiara.”

The royal insider added: “Kelly said she couldn’t come to London and Harry went ballistic. He was furious at the treatment of his then-fiancee. Such a snub.’ But others insist the couple misinterpreted Kelly’s reply.”

The source went on to explain that Meghan failed to respect the rules and protocols: “Meghan demanded access to the tiara. She didn’t make an appointment with Angela, but said, ‘We’re at Buckingham Palace, we want the tiara. Can we have it now please?’ Angela essentially said, ‘I’m very sorry, that’s not how it works.’ There’s protocol in place over these jewels. They’re kept under very tight lock and key. You can’t turn up and demand to have the tiara just because your hairdresser happens to be in town.”

Kelly’s pal also gave more details about Harry’s anger by saying: “Contrary to previous reports, Harry’s fury was not about which tiara Meghan was allowed to wear – but about access to it. Harry was very quick to let everybody know of his anger and frustration. He let lots of then-fiancee that he was unhappy. He tried to get what Meghan wanted by ringing others to put pressure on Angela to bend the rules.”

The person concluded by: “He was insistent on getting his own way. There was never an appointment that Angela didn’t turn up to. Harry and Meghan may have wrongly interpreted being told she couldn’t have immediate access to the tiara as a snub, but Angela was following Palace protocol. It wasn’t a snub; it’s just the way the institution works.”

It does seem like the divide in the royal family is growing and greater, and there is no apparent recourse on the horizon.



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