Jordin Sparks Gets Blunt And Honest While Talking About A Potential Second Pregnancy

Jordin Sparks Second Pregnancy Question Dana Isaiah Jr

Jordin Sparks gets raw and honest when asked about having another child. As soon as the singer and actress’ baby boy, DJ, celebrated his first birthday; the floodgate of questions about her getting pregnant with her second child opened up.

While most women get these unsolicited inquiries from strangers and family members, a well-known celebrity like Sparks receives comments from almost everyone on the Internet.

The American Idol winner, who is married to Dana Isaiah Jr., recently did an interview where she revealed that many people around her are eager to find out when she will give DJ a sibling to grow up and play with.

Instead of lying or even discretely putting people in their places for poking their noses in her private life, Sparks has decided to be very blunt about the pregnancy conversations.

Sparks explained that she is more than satisfied with one child, and she does not see herself having another one. She said that DJ would be her only child because she also needs to take care of herself.

Her wellbeing and good mental health mean that she can give the best of herself to her son.

The diva confessed: “Yeah, I’m good with one. We’re both good. I can’t say what’s going to happen in the future, but I’m, like, very sure that it’s still gonna stay just one.”

The star went on to make this honest comment as a mom of a toddler — her plate is full with DJ who is sweet, loving, and filled with endless energy.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE MOST LOVING, SOLID, HYSTERICAL, SUPPORTIVE, FINE MOTHA SHUT YOUR MOUTH I HAVE EVER KNOWN! (I know it’s totally unfair to not put a solo pic of you first but you and DJ look so cute in this!! SWIPE for solo sexiness and more adorable photos!) You. I love everything about you. As a human. As a man. As a father. As a husband. It’s been an honor and absolute pleasure to be by your side. Watching you evolve and grow is such a delight. To the tickle monster. To the man who supports me in every way. To my handyman. To the man who would help anyone who needs it. To the man who gets me flowers & kitchen items just because. To our protector. To Hubz. To Daddy. I (we) love you so much. Here’s to celebrating you & every birthday until forever! ♥️🥳🎉 #28

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According to the “No Air” artist: “As a mom, knowing myself and going through this for the first time, I’m just like, ‘You know what? I want to be able to keep my focus on DJ. Because trying to split the attention from Dana to DJ was a lot for me. I’m a giver. I love to be nurturing, and I just don’t know if I’d be able to take care of myself as much if I expanded.”

Sparks said in another interview: “I knew I had to be better for myself, but now I have to be better for him, in all ways, which includes fitness and my mental self-care. It includes my relationship with my husband; it includes how I act in the world, the choices I make. It’s amazing. It’s a lot to think about, but I’m willing to do it because he deserves it.”

Some fans say it would be interesting to hear her husband’s honest take on this subject.


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