Cassie Is Unrecognizable In Before And After Weight Loss Photos, Her Husband Sculpted Her Body To Perfection

Cassie Ventura Alex Fine Snapback

Diva Cassie Ventura has been working very hard with her husband, Alex Fine, who happens to be a personal trainer.

Alex took to social media on Friday where he posted Cassie’s before-and-after weight loss pictures to show that she is in the best shape of her life.

The model happily flaunted her Jennifer Lopez-like killer abs, tight rear, toned arms, and legs. Cassie showed off her gorgeous body in a black and white bikini and in beautiful bandeau top.

Alex used the caption to say that he is proud of the efforts she has put in to get in shape. The fitness expert said it was not easy for his wife to reach her goal just months after giving birth to her first child — Frankie Fine.

To reach her ideal weight, Cassie focused on healthier eating habits and safe workout routines.

The photos went viral, and a commenter named dropped Cassie’s famous ex-boyfriend, Diddy: “Diddy was with some of the most gorgeous women and wasted their time. I’m happy she found love. 💕

Alex was praised for helping his wife get in top shape: “Imagine having a husband who can sculpt your body to perfection 😫🔥 Brilliant and lovely❤We stan a man who loves and encourages his wife 🔥🔥🔥 She looks great on the left and right, and she is so gorgeous, it’s not fair.”

Another social media user had this sweet remark for the fitness enthusiast: “Omg Alex, please tell me you two are starting a mommy makeover program!!! I need in 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 I just had my first baby a month ago, and my postpartum body has been hard to accept, plus I’m already plus size. This gives me hope that I’ll feel like myself again and that I can love myself and my body through this new season of life. ❤️”

This woman had other opinions on the post: “It’s okay/normal to not snapback immediately! I like it when men don’t care if a woman “snaps back” or not. But it is still sweet that he supports her no matter what. ❤️Just be gentle with yourself. You created life with that body… I had to keep reminding myself of that all the way through. The work that you’ve done already is impressive. Our bodies are meant to take the changes and go wherever we choose after. You have time..”

Cassie is in fantastic shape.


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