Brad Pitt’s Girlfriend, Nicole Potularski, Is Indirectly Helping The ‘Fight Club’ Actor And Ex-Wife Angelina Jolie Make A Lot Of Money

Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie New Girlfriend Nicole Poturalski Money

As soon Brad Pitt hit the dating market, he wasted no time probing the grounds and meeting new women, even the ones who are already married.

Recent reports indicate that his new girlfriend, Nicole Potularski, is 27 years old, and the two met at a restaurant owned by her husband, Roland Mary, who has a working relationship with Angelina Jolie and Pitt.

It is not clear what exactly went down behind the scenes and if there was any infidelity involved or if this is an open marriage, but it does seem like Pitt is trying out completely new things, and this might be the beginning of an interesting story surrounding the famous actor.

The two met up a few more times after their initial meeting at the German restaurant and even went to a concert together sometime later.

Interestingly, reports also claim that the woman is still married to her husband, Mary, who has gone through multiple marriages in his past and apparently has a very relaxed attitude towards life as a whole.

There are rumors that the two might actually be in an open marriage, which could explain the situation with her and Pitt.

The owner of the restaurant was apparently not against the relationship between his wife and the actor, although he did reportedly refer to it as a “close friendship” rather than an actual romantic relationship.

A friend of Mary said this about the marriage: “They are still married, but you could describe their relationship as an ‘open marriage.’ He has been married several times and has five children. He is not interested in negativity or jealousy.”

This has raised a few questions among Pitt’s fans, with some wondering what exactly the actor has been up to and what his plans with the woman are for the future.

This is likely something that will be clarified in the next weeks and months. Another bizarre twist in the story is that Mary is helping Jolie and Pitt make money.

The eatery reportedly sells wine from the famous Château Miraval that belongs to Jolie and Pitt.

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that the former power couple is still at war in the courtroom over the custody of their children Maddox, 18, Pax, 15, Zahara, 14, Shiloh, 13, Vivienne, 11, and Knox, 11, and how to split their assets, including the Château Miraval.

The tension between the duo recently escalated to the point that they no longer want to take part in family therapy.


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