Kimora Lee Simmons Has Fans Concerned After She Shared These Photos And Videos

Kimora Lee Simmons Tim Leissner Divorce Without Ring

Just because the world in lockdown, that does not mean that everyday people and famous ones like Kimora Lee Simmons are not allowed to have fun.

Many people have started to take their own unique approaches to partying while under orders to stay at home due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Some celebrities have joined in the fun too, and Kimora Lee was one of the most recent examples. She celebrated her birthday in the comfort of her own home, and still managed to have a blast together with her kids in a lavishly celebrated event.

Of course, it would not be a Simmons party if the whole thing was not oozing with style, and the star seems to have taken quite the time to prepare for the celebrations accordingly with her children — Aoki, Wolf, Kenzo, and Greg by her side.

The model’s eldest daughter Ming Lee was not present for the big celebration.

Many fans reached out in the comment section to say it is great to see that Kimora is still holding up in this situation and is not showing any visible signs of feeling down, because the pandemic definitely seems to have gotten to some others.

Kimora has generally made it clear that she is strong-willed and not the kind of person to be affected by situations like this one quickly, so it is great to see that she is still living up to that image.

Her kids seemed to be doing fine too, all things considered.

Pictures and videos from the little party showed that the happy bunch managed to have a great time together even if they were forced to isolate themselves from others.

One supporter said they are hopeful that they will see other celebrities taking part in this trend too, as it can have a very positive effect on many people.

Another fan was quick to point out that Kimora’s husband, Tim Leissner, was not present for the event.

The businesswoman has also stopped wearing her massive wedding ring, and many fans are concerned that she might be getting a divorce.

Tim and his company have been embroiled a billion-dollar scandal, and Kimora made sure to distance herself from the matter by saying that she has her own money since she was 12 years old.

Kimora was previously married to Russell Simmons and had a lengthy romance with Djimon Hounsou.


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