It Took Camilla, Duchess Of Cornwall 100 Days To Accomplish This Extraordinary Feat, Will Prince Charles Reward His Wife?

Camilla Parker Bowles Prince Charles's Wife's Star Power

The entire royal family has been in lockdown in England due to the ongoing health crisis that has rattled the world’s population, economy, and establishments.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall has been working a bit harder than many other family members while in lockdown for about 100 days.

Many Royal experts say that Prince Charles‘s wife has been pulling her weight by reaching out to countless charities and organizations to offer her help.

Camilla has been happily chatting in an engaging manner with founders and staff members of those charities to make sure they are able to keep making a difference during this tough and unprecedented time in the world’s history.

Camilla has also been very active on social media; she reads for children and provides families stuck at home with fun-filled activities to keep the little ones occupied.

These Zoom and Instagram videos show that Camilla Parker Bowles has changed her fashion and demeanor; she is dressed down and appears down to earth in her interactions with the viewers.

According to royal expert Katie Nicholl, who spoke to Vanity Fair, in about 100 days, the Duchess of Cornwall has been able to change her image and has gone up in likeability.

Nicholl described how Camilla won the British people over by saying: “Dressed down in her favorite jeans and comfy flat pumps, in her appearances from quarantine, the duchess has come across as accessible and relatable. From her down-to-earth video messages to her efforts to shine the spotlight on causes close to her heart to leading the national tributes on V-E Day, Camilla has been center stage, and she never looked happier.”

Camilla’s hard work and charm have helped her shake off the awful title of “the most hated woman in Britain” given to her by many royal fans who say she contributed to the collapse of Charles and Princess Diana‘s marriage.

Nicholl went on to say: “We have seen her in a much more informal setting, and that has given people a chance to get to know her a little better. Both she and the prince have shown themselves to be very comfortable operating this way — they have allowed the public into their home in a way that has never happened before.”

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This afternoon in Gloucester, Their Royal Highnesses visited the @turnbull_asser shirt factory who, during the early stages of the pandemic, switched their entire production line to making scrubs for the @nhsenglandldn. 👕🏥 🧵 Having initially closed all their stores and workrooms, a dedicated team of skilled workers, equipped with PPE, returned to work at new machines – brought in especially for the production of NHS scrubs – and reconfigured to accommodate responsible social distancing. Aware that their own production capacity would only go some way towards the PPE deficit, the company decided to open-source their knowledge and learnings by sharing their production know-how and supplier contacts, in the hope that it would inspire and enable others to contribute to the cause. As the pandemic advanced, the company were keen to continue supporting key workers beyond their work shift by donating all profits between 30th April and 7th May to @nhscharitiestogether. 🌈 . 📷 PA

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The royal expert concluded with this revelation: “The prince and duchess were in lockdown like everyone else and couldn’t be seen in person, so they wanted to find another way to connect with people. They hadn’t done many social media messages before, but they quickly realized this was the way forward and a means of being visible and immediately connecting with people, which is what they always wanted to do.”

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall has also gained popularity on social media and is now giving the younger generation of royals a run for their money.

There is a possibility that Prince Charles might feel even more compelled to make her his queen one day.


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