Man Charged Of Killing Toddler In Mother’s Arms During Carjacking Could Get The Capital Punishment

Nico Lorenzo Dela-Fuente Texas Fort Worth Police Zayden McLean Bailey Bingham Shea

A carjacking incident in Texas has gone horribly wrong, as a young boy almost 2 years old, Zayden McLean, ended up being killed in his own mother, Bailey Bingham‘s arms during the altercation.

Reports indicate that a man who was later identified as Nico Lorenzo Dela-Fuente allegedly attempted to steal the woman’s car and hit both her and her son during his getaway.

The boy’s father, Shea McLean, who was also present at the scene, attempted to stop the alleged carjacker as he was driving away. Panicked, the driver hit the gas and ran over the child before hitting a tree.

The toddler was rushed to a nearby hospital, but unfortunately, physicians were not able to save his life.

His mother was also injured in the incident but was doing fine, according to reports. There has been a major public outcry against the situation, with many speaking harshly of the alleged carjacker’s actions.

The suspect, who has now been apprehended, is already facing charges of murder and aggravated robbery. Reports indicate that his case might take some time due to the recent restrictions imposed by the coronavirus, but he is going to face justice eventually.

However, the mother is reportedly going through severe grief over the loss of her child. People close to her are hoping the legal proceedings are going to bring her some peace in the end.

There have been no public statements made by the deceased boy’s mother or father, and authorities have asked the public to respect their privacy and allow them to grief in peace.

Dela-Fuente is held at the Fort Worth jail. and bonds were set at $600,000. No further information has been released about the case from officials so far.

One observer said: “Crazy how he even had a bond I defended my self against a white man who was assaulting me long story short I went to jail with no bond and had to serve time this man literally murders someone and they give him a bond he could walk free tonight for 60k that is bull shit Our judicial system makes no sense.”

A second person added: “If a robber wants something let him take it , let’s just get home to our family’s.”

This social media user shared: “Ohhhhhh Jacob Blake had warrant bd got 7 times the guy killed a baby why is he alive ohhhhh I see.”

Since it is Texas, capital punishment is not out of the equation.


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