Tomi Lahren Shows Her Best Assets In Alluring Photos To Prove Critics That She Is Not Irrelevant

Tomi Lahren Kamala Harris South Dakota

Tomi Lahren is an all-American conservative political commentator who is a passionate supporter of President Donald Trump.

When she is not attacking Democrats on social media or as a Fox Nation host, she is turning on the heat with her captivating Instagram photos.

Lahren is a star in the making, so it is not that surprising that every move she makes, creates buzz and controversy.

Recently, the former television host shared a few pictures taken in the lush and beautiful countryside in South Dakota. Note that Lahren was born and raised in Rapid City, South Dakota.

Wearing a tight white top and a jean jacket, Lahren made sure to strike a pose that will captivate her audience.

A naysayer stepped in the comment section to say that Lahren’s voice is no longer relevant after Trump’s failed reelection bid.

The critic wrote: “Irrelevant now that Trump has gone down in humiliating flames.”

The comment section lit up with backers who slammed the critic. Some said he should get off her page. Others point out that she is popular on television and with the Republican party, and therefore, her opinion will always matter.

Not the mention, Trump has publicly shown his support for her. This week, Lahren rallied and riled up her fan base by going after Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.

Harris shared a post promoting small businesses where she explained: “Small businesses need our support now more than ever before. This Small Business Saturday and throughout the holidays, please shop local and do your part to help the backbone of our communities and our economy.”

Lahren hit back with this tweet: “Really interesting you would have the audacity to talk about helping small business or any businesses for that matter considering it’s you and your communist ilk keeping our country shut down.”

She continued to share her thoughts about how the lockdown due to the deadly coronavirus pandemic is affecting businesses. The conservative darling added: “Any official who is enforcing lockdowns or business crushing restrictions should take a pay cut or forfeit their salary altogether! Feel the pain of your constituents; you work for us not the other way around!!”

She went on to say: “Democrat tyrants are crushing your livelihoods, closing your businesses, and rendering you jobless, YET you keep voting to keep them employed… Why?”

Lahren demanded that business owners be given a choice to close or remain open as the novel virus rages on.

She shared: “How about we allow everyone and every business to make their own decisions instead of bending over backward to comply with arbitrary restrictions and INFRINGEMENTS?!”

Lahren also found some time in her busy schedule to angrily lash out at Democrats who have not been supportive of the unfounded voter fraud claims made by Trump and his allies.

She explained: “To the Libs trying to say we conservatives are sore losers… Investigating voter fraud is a hell of a lot different than marching around in pink hats screaming at the sky, lighting cop cars on fire, hosting cry-ins, and demanding safe spaces. We don’t do that sh*t. That’s you.”

Lahren plans to keep on speaking, will her followers continue to listen?


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