Hulk Hogan’s Daughter, Brooke Hogan, Bares Her Soul In Breathtaking Photo Ahead Of Big Career Move

Brooke Hogan Hulk Daughter Music Career

It looks like Hulk Hogan has another star in his family, as his only daughter, Brooke Hogan, has been the subject of a lot of attention from WWE fans ever since she started having an active presence on social media.

It does not usually take long for her posts to get noticed, and she seems to know exactly how to draw all her fans’ attention and keep it pinned on herself.

A recent photoshoot showed off her figure in a lot of detail, leaving little to the imagination. The reality TV star and singer flaunted her stunning figure in a white bikini bottom, no pants, and a matching knit sweater.

The professional wrestling icon’s daughter flaunted her amazing toned legs and fantastic bum while sitting on a perfectly white sandy beach.

Brooke captioned the alluring photo: “You don’t have a soul. You ARE a soul that has a body.”

And to nobody’s surprise, the post on Instagram was immediately met with a large number of positive comments, with many of her followers praising her looks and pointing out that she has the stunning appeal to be an influencer.

Most of the messages also came with some words of encouragement, and it looks like Brooke has managed to attract quite the crowd of supporters to her profile.

So far, the daughter of Hulk Hogan has remained quite active on social media, although she also seems to enjoy her privacy from time to time.

Hulk Hogan himself certainly does not seem to mind what is going on and has been supportive of his daughter as well, from what observers have seen so far.

Many expect her to keep engaging her fans on the Internet because she is eager to hit the music world with her talents.

She said this about the bold career move in a new interview: “Just coming from the Hogan family and being on reality shows… I don’t know what path my parents laid before me or what impressions were made. I’ve never been able to just soar and do my music. I’ve always had to have a backup job. You have to have a real job when the entertainment business doesn’t work out.”

She continued: “I think for creative people, there always needs to be that outlet. I think when you’re creative, you like creating. I released a song, I’m doing a workout legging line, and… well, I don’t really tell anybody, but I have an interior design business out of Nashville. So I’ve just been working on growing that, making things bigger and better there too.”

Brooke, who is focused on her album, revealed what feeds her soul: “I’m 32; I’m trying to find what I really want to focus my energy on. I’m trying to strike a balance where I do the job that makes the money, and I also do the stuff that feeds my soul.”

She seems to be on the right path.


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