Nashville Christmas Bomber Gifted California Woman Two Homes Before Explosion And After Receiving Mysterious Letter

Michelle Swing Anthony Quinn Warner Nashville Christmas Bomber Gifted California Woman Two Homes

The motive behind the Nashville Christmas bombing is still under investigation, but now eyes have turned to Michelle Swing in a bid to uncover part of the mystery.

29-year-old Swing was gifted two properties worth more than $400,000 over the last year by Anthony Quinn Warner, 63, who is suspected to have carried out a suicide bombing on December 25 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Anthony “Tony” Quinn Warner died in his RV during the massive explosion outside the AT&T transmission building.

Warner was the only fatality when he blew up his vehicle on a street in Nashville after playing Petula Clark‘s “Downtown” through a loudspeaker and warning people in the area to evacuate. Eight others were injured in the blast.

Just one month before the incident, Anthony Warner transferred a house over to Michelle Swing, a music executive living in Los Angeles.

Police had identified the property after noticing a similar vehicle on Google Maps street view to the one involved in the bombing.

Another property was given to Michelle Swing in 2019 — this time, his family home in Antioch. However, in July, Warner’s mother, Betty Lane, won a legal battle to take back ownership of the house.

A report states that Michelle Swing had never met Anthony Warner, prompting questions not only about his motive for the bombing but his motive for giving her the houses. She also claimed she was unaware of the transfer of the property last month.

Swing described the situation as “very weird,” explaining that properties can be transferred to another owner without their agreement or consent in Tennessee.

Swing, who lives in California, received a letter from Warner in November 2020, where he shared details about the work that needed to be done in the house located on 115 Bakertown Road in Antioch.

The letter said in part according to The Sun: “The attic has plywood and lighting; take a look. The basement is not normal; take a look. Woof woof Julio.”

Swing has turned the letter over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Some reports claimed that Warner might have dated Michelle Louise Swing’s mother. There is a lot of speculation about this part of the case.

She has recently deleted all her social media accounts, and Anschutz Entertainment Group — where Swing is employed — has declined to comment.

Before her LinkedIn account was removed, it stated that she had moved to Los Angeles in 2018 after working at StubHub until September 2018.


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