Tyra Banks Participates In Bikini Challenge And Used Before And After Retouched Photos Of Herself To Uplift Others

Tyra Banks Photos Inspiring Others

Tyra Banks‘s latest Instagram activity surprised her numerous followers, as the legendary model took part in the trendy #swimsuiticonchallenge and posted a couple of pictures of herself modeling various swimsuits.

However, the 47-year-old fashion guru did not stop there, and she also shared snaps that her fans made — mimicking her original pictures and doing the same poses.

It seems that the Dancing with the Stars host was very excited to participate in the challenge as she titled her post with “Loving these @si_swimsuit #SwimsuitIconChallenge posts SO much!” and continued, “Creative, beautiful and even hilarious (did y’all see the ironing board?) I can’t get enough! Keep tagging me in yours. I’m keepin’ an eye out to see which of my swimsuit looks you recreate!”.

As a result, Tyra Banks’s post was met with approval, and many of her delighted fans expressed their appreciation in the comment section.

One admirer stated, “OMG, I love this so much,” whereas a second follower stated, “Literally thought some of these pro shots were challenge.”

One of the pictures that were recreated by fans featured a young woman who managed to strike the exact same pose as Tyra Banks did many years ago, despite being in a wheelchair.

The photograph was met with critical acclaim, and a lot of people admired the courage of the fan and stated she was very “beautiful.”

One of the participants in the challenge — a stunning model, who is disabled, reached out to Tyra Banks with this thank you note: “OMG!! I am so honored that you shared my photo. As a model with a serious disability, just the fact that you shared it with your audience is impactful. I have been fighting for disability inclusion in the fashion industry since I was first diagnosed with my genetic illness…and I just want to thank you for including me in this group of other fabulous women 💕@tyrabanks.”

The last snap in Tyra Banks’s collection featured a recreation of a picture that originally featured a model with a surfboard on her back.

However, in the fan’s version, things were a little bit different, as Tyra’s follower was photographed with an ironing board on her back instead.

Tyra Banks recently made headlines by daring to share before and after retouched photos of herself.

She used the caption to talk about her insecurities. The businesswoman and mother of one confessed: “My retouched calves before âžĄïž after. We all have that something we’re insecure about
 one of mine: My skinny calves! Maybe I’ll incorporate more calf exercises into my 2021 resolutions. 😂 You and I know that will last for just a week. Ha! #LoveTheCalvesThatIHave What body part are you learning to love?”

Tyra is an inspiring force to many of her followers.


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