Montana Yao Releases Epic Statement Shaming Malik Beasley For Letting Larsa Pippen Sneak In His Hotel Room When He Was Supposed To Be With His Son

Montana Yao Malik Beasley Larsa Pippen Affair Divorce

Malik Beasley has decided to address the disturbing comments made by his estranged wife, Montana Yao, who has previously declared that the NBA star was not taking care of their toddler, Makai.

The lawyer of the 22-year-old model asserted that Beasley was restricted to “supervised contact” with his son because of his actions.

However, the attorney of the basketball player reacted by saying that “Montana Yao’s assertion that Malik Beasley has made no effort of seeing Makai is categorically untrue” and that even though his client tried to “seek visitation,” his requests were not only denied but “met with outrageous financial demands by a woman who was married to an NBA player for eight months.”

Beasley’s lawyer finished his statement by saying that Yao was after his client’s money and did not have the best interest of their son.

Montana Yao’s attorney was rapid to slam both Malik Beasley and his girlfriend, Larsa Pippen, for the following reason: “Again, Mr. Beasley’s attorney is putting out statements that are utterly false. Montana Yao has 100% custody of her son. And, due to his misconduct, Mr. Beasley can only have supervised contact with his son. That restriction was not imposed by Ms. Yao but by a Hennepin County district court judge.”

The lawyer added: “In the spirit of cooperation, Ms. Yao offered to bring her son to San Francisco for a supervised visit with Mr. Beasley. Mr. Beasley’s attorney responded that a supervised visit with the boy was not possible due to the NBA’s COVID restrictions. The day Mr. Beasley was to visit his son, Mrs. Pippen posted a picture of her and Mr. Beasley in what appears to be a hotel room. Mrs. Pippen is presumably not part of the Timberwolves COVID ‘bubble.’”

The end of the relationship between the model and the basketball player came after a couple of photographs that showed the NBA star walking hand in hand with Larsa Pippen started circulating the Internet in November.

Back then, the reality TV star claimed that she knew that Beasley was married, but he and Yao were not romantically involved anymore.

However, Yao slapped back Pippen’s statement with, “This is 100% false. Continue to speak on my name and my relationship, and we’re going to have issues. Receipts don’t lie. Let’s not go there. I think you’ve embarrassed yourself enough already”.

Following the public affair, Yao decided to end her marriage and denounced her estranged husband for not showing any regret about what he had done.


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