Christina Aguilera Tempts Her Hunky Fiancé, Matthew Rutler, In Low-Cut Bathing Suit In Leaked Photos

Christina Aguilera Matthew Rutler Vacation Photos

Christina Aguilera has been photographed spending time with her fiancé and their child as they splashed in a pool together in Miami.

The iconic pop star, who celebrated her 40th birthday last December, wore a low-cut black swimsuit from Gucci, which showed off her curvaceous figure.

She joined her fiancé, Matthew Rutler, and their 6-year-old daughter, Rain, who laughed in the pool wearing a pair of pink goggles and spending time with her parents.

Christina Aguilera was also seen putting on a white robe with black detail around the edges and a Minnie Mouse silhouette on the back. She shielded her face from the sunshine with a pair of giant frameless sunglasses.

Her partner was seen standing near her, using a navy blue towel to dry himself after coming out of the pool.

Aguilera’s love of dogs is no secret, and a small brown pooch joined the family for their sunny trip, during which Aguilera was also spotted drinking cocktails and relaxing in the sun.

Turning 40 last year on December 18, Aguilera wrote about the “social stigma” around getting older, sharing with her large fanbase that she has “always embraced getting older.”

She highlighted the “wisdom, grace, and beauty” that getting older can bring, describing herself as an “old soul.”

She also opened up about the importance of slowing down and focusing on her family: “I’d been on the road for a year prior between Europe and Vegas, so it was nice for me to take a reflective pause and a moment and take everything in on a personal level as a mom, as an artist and be able to dig in creatively and make positive changes for my future.”

She added: “All the moments I got to pause and reflect and stop the clock to embrace all of the positives and look at maybe what doesn’t feel good and what doesn’t serve you and make changes for the better. I hope to bring that positivity to the next year but hopefully with everything aligning in the world on a more positive, hopeful note.”

Aguilera and Matthew Rutler met in 2010 while filming Burlesque, for which Rutler was an assistant on set, and Aguilera played a leading role.

They began dating the same year, before announcing their engagement on Valentine’s Day in 2014, just months before welcoming their daughter Rain later in August.

And this year, on Valentine’s Day, Christina Aguilera posted a sweet photo with her fiancé, calling him “my love.”

Rutler shared a video of a surprise trip he planned for his partner, saying “you still make me crush” in the caption.


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