Vincent Cassel Shows That He Is In Shape As His Wife, Tina Tunakey, Sunbathes In Stunning Bikini In Leaked Photos

Tina Tunakey Vincent Cassel Brazil Vacation Photos

Vincent Cassel and Tina Tunakey have been photographed on a beach together in Rio de Janeiro, as the actor went surfing topless while his wife soaked up the sun in a bikini.

This week, the 54-year-old French actor Vincent Cassel was spotted hydrofoil surfing in Brazil, wearing a pair of black and white board shorts as he showed off his skills on a red surfboard.

Cassel, who has shaggy salt and pepper hair and beard, looked in shape. In a recent interview, the star explained why he often changes looks: “I have changed my hair around 200 times. I’ve done everything possible with it: long to short to bald. Normally when I finish a movie, I will shave my head, go on vacation, and I won’t shoot until it grows back again. It gets me out of the previous character, mentally and physically. It allows me to feel free. We have less time nowadays, so it’s important to use those pauses as much as possible. Shaving my head allows that.”

He also revealed his secret to staying in shape: “I am on top of my physical activity. I find solace in physical exercise. Anything by the sea is my preference, but if I’m stuck in the city, then the gym works just as well. Keep on sweating, I say – it’s beneficial for the mind.”

Meanwhile, Tina Tunakey, 23, wore a stunning green bikini and walked along the beach, meeting with a friend to chat and sunbathe at one point.

Fans of the couple were quick to comment on Tunakey’s stunning bikini set, which was emerald green with gold detail on both pieces.

The bikini briefs included tie detail on either side, which was seen clearly as she paddled in the water and took a stroll along the sand.

She was spotted chatting with a friend near the water, then later walking along the beach together before settling down to sunbathe.

Cassel and Tunakey welcomed their first child in April 2019, just eight months after tying the knot in their home country of France.

They were married at a private ceremony that took place at a city hall in August 2018.

The following year, they announced that they were expecting their first child — who was later named Amazonie — by posting a cute video of Cassel kissing Tunakey’s baby bump on a beach.

It was not the first time being a father for Vincent Cassel, as he already has two children with his ex-wife, Italian actress Monica Bellucci.

He shares 16-year-old Deva and 10-year-old Leonie with his ex-wife. They divorced in 2013 after fourteen years of marriage.

Cassel and Tunakey were first seen together in a social media post back in 2016.


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