Elizabeth Hurley Shows Lots Of Skin In Sexy New Cut-Out Bathing Suit Photo And Instantly Makes Fans Forget About The World Crisis

Elizabeth Hurley New Quarantine Update For Fans

Elizabeth Hurley has found a way to keep her fans entertained during the ongoing period of social distancing, as she updated her Instagram page with a new dazzling picture.

The 54-year-old brunette, who is well-known for her alluring figure, put her curves on display in a stunning red swimsuit.

The one-piece swimsuits accentuated on Hurley’s flat stomach, and its plunging neckline highlighted her ample cleavage as she posed in what appeared to be her garden.

In the picture, Hurley was sitting surrounded by lush greenery, and her mouth was hidden behind her hand, as she sported a piece from her collection. Of course, her many fans went wild for the sexy photo.

One had the following to say: “I wish I was there with you instead of stuck here in Rhode Island, USA. You are so pretty. I’m a dancer, and there is nowhere to go. It’s taking everything I got to keep from putting on a belly I’m a ballerina.”

This supporter went as far as talking about Satan: “Dear Satan 🔥 For my fourth wish, I want to marry Elizabeth Hurley and stop the coronavirus at the same time.”

Another commenter shared: “You’re just going to be Gorgeous forever!!! Elizabeth, you are the best … my crush since I was 20 !!!! My God and getting better. 😍😍”

The Royals star has offered a glimpse of her life under quarantine before, as recently she shared another provocative photograph, in which she posed in sexy lingerie.

Back then, the actress captioned her post with a lengthy explanation about how she was dealing with the lockdown.

According to Hurley, she was self-isolating in Herefordshire with her son and seven other close people, including her mother and aunt, who were both in their late seventies.

Hurley explained that most of the days, she did not bother to do her makeup or even wash her hair, but she was “incredibly lucky” to have enough outdoor space in her country house.

According to Hurley, currently, she is dealing mostly with keeping everyone around her as safe as possible, and she did not forget to express her highest admiration to the NHS staff in those critical times.

The gorgeous celebrity also expressed her appreciation of being able to relax and take a break from “being glued to the news.”

Her fans are happy that she still makes time for them.


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