Kathryn Dennis Rejects Thomas Ravenel’s Drug Addiction Allegations As The ‘Southern Charm’ Stars Bring Up Landon Clements In Their Custody Battle

Kathryn Dennis Saint Kensie Thomas Ravenel

As Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel have been going through a lengthy court battle, it looks like the gloves are off, as both sides have become quite aggressive in their attacks towards the other.

And it certainly does not seem like Dennis is planning to give in to the provocations from Ravenel’s side from what fans of Southern Charm have seen so far, judging by her current attitude.

Ravenel recently made specific allegations regarding Dennis, most notably claiming that she was addicted to various prescription medications and illegal drugs.

He also pointed out that Dennis was allegedly a shopping and sex addict, and made the statements in an official court capacity.

The idea of the whole act was to gain custody over the two children — Saint and Kensie — that the couple shares.

However, Dennis has completely denied the allegations and has made a public statement that contradicts much of what supporters have heard from Ravenel so far.

Dennis added that she did not want to make too much of her current life a public affair — unlike Ravenel — and has decided to take up a more private approach to the situation developing around her.

Dennis’ lawyer explained: “For ethical reasons, I try to avoid making any statements to the press whatsoever. However, Kathryn obviously denies all of this and I believe that the submissions to the Court that we have made discredit such allegations.”

It looks like Dennis is enjoying more support than Ravenel in the current situation, and in fact, the former politician’s attacks might have cost him some of that.

Many people have pointed out that his comments were in pretty poor taste, and that even if they were true, they had no place in a public discussion like that.

Ravenel has so far not added anything to his previous statements and has maintained a relatively low profile.

However, he is pushing as hard as possible to have sole custody of the kids. Ravenel went as far as claiming the mother of his children is mentally unstable.

He has revealed some texts that they had exchanged where she bashed former co-star Landon Clements to make his point. Ravenel claims she was always paranoid during their time together.

Amid all of this drama, here is Dennis’ message to her critics: “There is strength in her heart, determination in her eyes and the will to survive resides within her soul. She is you. a warrior, a champion, a fighter, a queen.”

Will the two parents ever find common ground?


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