Kylie Jenner’s Baby Daddy Travis Scott Is Ready To Defend Her After The Forbes Cover Controversy

Kylie Jenner Travis Scott Forbes

This is not the week; Kylie Jenner thought she would be having her moment in the sun, but it is not the case. Thank goodness, her baby daddy, Travis Scott, is running to her rescue.

Late last week, Forbes revealed that Kylie was its latest cover girl.

Wearing a gorgeous black suit, the mother of one posed seductively for the magazine which declared her the youngest self-made billionaire with a fortune of 900 million dollars and heading towards one billion in the next 12 months.

While her family and loving fans showed love and support, Nene Leakes and activist Brittany Packnett were not as kind.

Brittany bashed Kylie for cultural appropriation by writing a negative piece where she revealed: “You can get on the cover of Forbes + be a young billionaire by selling the very features, style, and swag Black Women have always possessed but got called ghetto for it.”

She went on to explain: “And notice-now that she’s made her fortune? Those lip fillers came out. The fake tan disappeared. Just like Miley Cyrus before her, she’ll exploit black culture and black people for as long as its profitable-and then return to the comfort of whiteness. Why? Because it pays.”

Travis has stepped out to defend his baby mama, according to Hollywood Life.

A close associate said: “Travis is very protective over Kylie especially when she feels people are attacking her for things like cultural appropriation. He thinks it is ridiculous that Kylie is catching heat for simply being amazing and successful.”

The person went on to state: “He feels like she has incredible style and success and with that is going to come all the haters. Travis knows how much love and respect Kylie has for him, for his family and his culture. No matter what she does, Travis knows Kylie will attract the haters. Travis encourages Kylie to laugh at the negative energy online; he thinks it is ridiculous. The critics are nothing new to them, so Travis helps her shake it off and not spend any extra time thinking or worrying about it.”

At least, someone has her back in a major way.


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