Kate Moss’s Sister, Lottie Moss, Removes All Her Clothes For Art In New Photos And Makes This Revelation About Getting Plastic Surgery To Obtain A Perfect Body

Lottie Moss Kate Sister High Back In London Photos

Lottie Moss is dropping very personal confessions and shedding her clothes while at it.

The influencer took to Instagram this week, and she unveiled a few gorgeous mirror photos where she is naked.

Kate Moss‘s sister showed lots of skin in skimpy lingerie and said she was doing it for art.

She also posed for the photographer while lounging on a sofa and wearing a sexy nude-colored silk dress.

Lottie Moss filmed a candid live video on Monday after arriving back in London from the US, admitting that she was “kind of high” while revealing details about her personal life.

The 23-year-old model said in the Instagram Live video that she was “talking her mind” because she was high and apologized to her followers if she spoke too fast and could not understand her, explaining that it was a result of living with ADHD.

She had been in the US for the last four months, living with her best friend, Sahara Ray, in Los Angeles.

However, recently, she has returned home to London and recorded the live video where she revealed she has undergone breast enhancement surgery and has used fillers on her face.

Lottie Moss — the half-sister of supermodel Kate Moss — said that she has only had surgery on her breasts but has had fillers in her lips, temples, and jaw and Botox in her forehead.

She said she is happy with the outcome. She revealed that “apparently [her] head was peanut-shaped,” a possible reference to the criticisms made about women’s appearances by the modeling industry.

She confessed: “I have had surgery and enhancements. I’ve only had surgery on my boobs. And I’ve had my lips done, and Botox in my forehead and jaw filler, and I had filler in my temples as well because apparently, my head was peanut-shaped. I’m really happy with what I’ve done to my face. I think, “Why the f*** not?”

Lottie addressed some of the issues around her recent posting of explicit content to adult-only subscription websites, saying that it is a “shame the industry doesn’t fully accept” when women choose to get involved with “nude stuff.”

She pointed out that people are told to “celebrate” their bodies until it comes to adult-only content.

Kate Moss’s younger sibling stated: “Everyone kind of says, “Celebrate your body, do what you want with your body, whatever you wanna do with your life, you do it,” but as soon as it’s OnlyFans and stuff like that, the industry is a bit iffy about it.”

Lottie also told her fans that she decided to return to London after she traveled to New York for a date, and he “ended up being just a bit of an a***hole.”

Saying that she always goes for the wrong men, Lottie revealed she has been single for five years — despite claims earlier this month that she is engaged to her friend, Sahara Ray.

The April 1st post was dismissed by many fans as an April Fools prank.


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