Prince William And Kate Middleton Were Reluctant To Drop This Bomshell To Keep The Monarchy Relevant

Kate Middleton Prince William George King

According to royal author Robert Lacey, Prince George already knows what it means to be the future King of the United Kingdom, as the young royal was briefed by his parents — Prince William and Kate Middleton. They dropped the bombshell on him when he turned seven years old in 2020.

In the latest revised edition of his book, Battle of Brothers, Lacey opinionated that Prince William and Kate Middleton waited a couple of years before telling Prince George about what awaits him because they wanted for him to have a “normal family upbringing.”

Apparently, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge delayed informing their eldest child about his future until they had a “controlled moment of their choice” and also because they wanted the monarchy to “stay relevant and keep up with modern times.”

The author speculated further that Prince William avoided telling Prince George about his destiny for so long because, when he was a child, he was apparently quite unhappy with the “haphazard fashion in which the whole business of his royal destiny had buzzed around his head from the start.”

The royal expert revealed: “William had not revealed to the world how and when he broke the big news to his son. Maybe one day George will tell us the story himself. But sometime around the boy’s seventh birthday in the summer of 2020, it is thought that his parents went into more detail about what the little prince’s life of future royal “service and duty” would particularly involve.”

However, if the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had this conversation with their firstborn when he turned 7, that implies that it was most likely that the young royal did not fully comprehend the significance of the photo he took in 2019.

The historical picture, that was released to the press, shows the current monarch standing with her heirs, meaning Prince George posed alongside Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, and Prince William.

Lacey also explained that the formal photograph, which was taken at the Buckingham Palace shortly before Christmas in 2019, depicted the intentions of Prince Charles, who is anxious to “slim down” the monarchy.

According to royal expert Katie Nicholl, Prince George already had an understanding that he was different from his siblings, but his parents tried to avoid spoiling him at all costs.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are trying to navigate a complicated landscape after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s exit from royal family duties in 2020.


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