Asia’h Epperson Taunts Tiny Harris With Daring Outfit At Event Honoring Xscape

Asia'h Epperson Tameka 'Tiny' Harris T.I. BET Awards

Asia’h Epperson is competing with Tiny Harris in her own backyard.

In case you have been away from the Internet, Epperson was caught on video getting her big booty slapped by T.I.

Since the video hit social media, Tiny and the actress have been sending subliminal shades on Instagram.

Over the weekend, Epperson was seen looking hotter than ever at a BET Awards pre-party where Tiny and the ladies of Kandi Burruss, LaTocha Scott, and Tamika Scott were being honored.

Not to be outdone, Tiny showed off her tight figure in a skimpy bodysuit on the red carpet.

A friend of Tiny spoke to Hollywood Life and said Tiny is mad that Epperson attended a show where she was being honored and added: “Tiny felt hurt and disrespected at a BET pre-party, that was held in part to honor Xscape, late last week that Asia’h had the nerve to show up to. Tiny had to exercise all of her patience to avoid a nasty fight or even an awkward run-in with Asia’h.”

In case you were wondering, Tiny had a nasty fight with T.I. because he had refused to accompany to her to the soirée.

The pal had this to tell the gossip site: “Tiny was supposed to be going with T.I.P. to the BET Awards, but things have changed, and now she’s saying she may not go. She just isn’t ready to deal with T.I.P. yet. She’s still mad as hell and says she may just bail on him. She simply doesn’t feel like he deserves her support right now.”

The source added: “T.I.P. isn’t letting it slide though. He wants her there and is demanding she come and put on a united front. It’s important to him. Now it’s turned into a huge power struggle and one more thing they’re fighting about.”

It seems that Epperson has been telling all her friends that she wants a serious relationship with T.I.P.


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