Social Media Mourns Maleah Davis After Her Remains Are Found In Arkansas

Maleah Davis Derion Vence Arkansas

A large community in Texas and on social media is mourning after the sad breaking news that the remains of Maleah Davis have officially been identified by authorities Monday.

According to those handling the case, the remains of the little girl were found in Arkansas.

In a statement issued by Sheriff James Singleton, of Hempstead County, Arkansas; it was revealed that the body of the 4-year-old child was discovered in a black trash bag that contained blood.

Investigators began searching in Arkansas after Davis’ mother’s ex-fiancé, Derion Vence confessed to her former lawyer, Quanell X, that he killed the girl.

The cause of the death of the child is yet to be determined.

Davis’ mother, Brittany Bowens, has not commented on this new development, but her former attorney believes that she was aware of what happened to her daughter.

In early May, Vence spun a web of lies to explain the disappearance of the little girl.

The alleged criminal initially told police that Maleah was abducted by a group of Hispanic men who assaulted him and left him unconscious for nearly 24 hours.

However, after changing his story many times and blood were found in his car, Vence was arrested. Many are weeping over the story and have taken to social media to share their thoughts and prayers.

A mourner claimed, “She is a better place now … no hurt no drama but damn this hurts. Needle injection for both.”

“A little girl, future mom.. gone. They are taking our brother & young sisters from us. They want us extinct,” wrote an angry Instagram user.

“Ugh I had a feeling this was going to be her may she rest in peace sweet baby deserved so much more ❤️. I hope the justice system does not fail her and lock up all involve, sorry for the dad,” said a distraught person who feels the pain of the child’s biological father, Craig Davis.

Another person, who is saddened by the turn of events, stated: “Maleah you can rest in peace now. You have touched the hearts of so many people, and your life will not be in vain. Some mother is going to choose better and protect her kids because of you. Outsiders will no longer stand idly by because of you. CPS will do their due diligence because of you, and judges will use their discernment. You’re an angel in heaven where you belong, singing and dancing and happy.”

Vence, who is facing charges of tampering with a corpse, could face additional charges in the near future.


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