Queen Elizabeth Backs Prince Philip’s Heartbreaking Decision That Has Angered Some Royal Fans

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Prince Andrew has become persona non grata in the royal family, and his parents have taken drastic measures to distance themselves from him publicly.

With the support of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip has taken one of the most heartbreaking decisions in his life.

In 2021, the Duke of Edinburgh will mark a huge milestone — he will celebrate his 100th birthday. Buckingham Palace is planning a lavish celebration and exhibition for the special occasion.

Only three of his children will be able to be present during the lavish affair. Royal insiders have revealed that Prince Andrew is being airbrushed from royal events because of his ties to Jeffrey Epstein and the humiliating scandal that emerged from that controversial friendship.

Note that Andrew’s spectacular fall from grace led to him being excluded from daughter Princess Beatrice‘s wedding photos.

An insider told The Sun: “There is a warning from up high to play down, Andrew. He will be included as little as possible. But it will not make a big deal of his relationship with the Duke of Edinburgh over the years.”

The source said the decision was very difficult for the Duke and added: “This is obviously proving difficult because he is his son, and it’s playing down his role in the family.”

Andrew, who has denied the allegations, has some royal fans backing him.

This social media user said Prince Philip should not throw his son under the bus and added: “That is why I don’t understand all the calls to strip him of everything…He already stepped down, disappeared from the public, stayed away from family events, or is excluded from official photos…AT LEAST he did as he was told…and he follows the protocol…But H&M???…now those two deserved to be thrown under the bus by the whole BRF after everything that they have done and said…”

Another supporter penned this message: “What else his 100 years old gather could do? We just don’t throw our children into the fire doesn’t matter how bad they are. Also, The Queen and PF are so old to handle this monkey business. They are already doing everything they can that is cut Andrew from any prestigious position. Andrew is an adult, and his parents are not responsible for his actions.”

This person said that while Andrew is the black sheep of the royal family, he should still be included in the event: “This is devastating for the Princes. Loving families still include the black sheep. To think they have to do this just to appease the public is sad.”

A royal enthusiast, who disagreed, explained why he should be excluded: “Too many appearances by Andrew would take the attention away from Phillip. So it is understandable to play him down.”

Prince Andrew could still face more repercussions if other revelations surface in the future.


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