Melania Trump Has A Warning For Husband Donald Trump Over His Wildest Dream

Melania Trump President Donald Florida

Melania Trump is tired of the political circus where her husband, President Donald Trump, is the ring leader.

Since November 4th, the U.S. First Lady and the President have been living in parallel worlds. Mr. Trump has refused to accept the fact that he has lost the presidential election.

He has been telling anyone who would listen that significant voter fraud took place, which is why Joe Biden was elected president.

Trump’s claims have been disputed, but he is waging war via press conferences, interviews, and lawsuits to change the election results.

Sources, who spoke to CNN, revealed that Melania has zero interest in Trump’s unwinnable battle — she is eager to go home.

The former model and mom of one has her heart set on making her Mar-a-Lago residence a permanent home. The former model has reportedly been researching schools in Florida for her 14-year-old-son, Barron Trump, to attend, as builders begin to make renovations to President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence.

This source explained: “They have looked all over Palm Beach County and neighboring Broward County for just the right place. There are several options, and they will decide soon.”

One insider told the media outlet: “She just wants to go home.” Trump has been touting the idea of running for the White House again in 2024.

It is claimed that the former reality TV star is hoping to steal Biden’s thunder by announcing his candidacy on the day of the inauguration.

Melania warned her husband about another bid for the presidency, according to the insider who shared: “That might not go over well.”

Other sources close to the Trump family told PEOPLE in January after Biben and his team take over, they are heading to Palm Beach, Florida.

A person familiar with the situation shared: “They are definitely renovating his apartment within the Mar-a-Lago Club to make it larger, more modern, and comfortable for his use. Mar-a-Lago is iconic, a building he took great pride in renovating when he bought it. It makes sense that he wants to be there and will make the mansion his home.”

Tham Kannalikham, the interior decorator, who renovated the White House when Trump was elected in 2016, is redesigning Mar-a-Lago.

While Trump is busy fighting to overturn the election, Melania has ordered her staff to ship her personal items from the White House and Trump Tower penthouse in New York City to Mar-a-Lago.

The mother of one seems eager to move on.


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