Bella Thorne Is Accused Of Revealing Too Much In Her Latest Instagram Video To Plug Her OnlyFans Account

Bella Thorne Boyfriend Benjamin Mascolo Mexico Vacation

Bella Thorne has been partying in Mexico, and she gave fans a good look at her revealing outfit as she showed off her cleavage and toned midriff in an Instagram story last Wednesday.

The 23-year-old actress, who starred on Disney Channel shows when she was just 13 years old, wore a green and black monokini top, coupled with a beaded fishnet skirt and a collection of belts and chains around her waist.

Thorne’s Instagram story began with a close-up of her face as she dances and enjoys a party with other people in Tulum, Mexico.

She then gives her followers a close-up of her overall outfit, both at the front and then at the back, as she sits down and strikes a few poses.

Her fans also enjoyed a full view of her long red hair, which was partly tied up and swept to the side of her face.

Her revealing outfit was accessorized with pearls and necklaces, and a pair of large sunglasses hung from her monokini.

Many fans reacted to the steamy photos by saying that she is going too far to plug her OnlyFans account.

“So, seems like we are getting her onlyfans here on insta, that is a lot, oh well,” claimed a person.

“Oh, yes. It’s pretty much her insta, and Twitter feeds photos somewhere else,” another commenter stated.

Joining Thorne on the trip was her boyfriend, Benjamin Mascolo, who she has spent time quarantining with since last July. The pair has been dating for over a year, and some observers believe that things could get serious between them in the near future.

In a separate Instagram post, Bella Thorne claims that everyone has been tested for coronavirus, although medical experts have said the tests can still come back negative when a person is infected with COVID-19.

She did not speak in the video but posted to encourage her fans to subscribe to her OnlyFans account, which she has been running since August.

Thorne, who earned $1 million on her first day on OnlyFans, has previously been criticized for using the platform, which is mostly used by sex workers, as she is thought to already earn a substantial income through acting and modeling.

Bella Thorne is currently hosting a competition for her fans, inviting them to win a holiday at her resort worth $50,000.

Many celebrities have gone to exotic destinations to skip the surge in coronavirus cases in the U.S.


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