David Bowie’s Daughter, Lexi Jones, Is Attacked Over This Bathing Suit Picture — She Hits Back

Iman David Bowie Daughter Lexi Jones Takes On Troll

Lexi Jones has hit back at social media trolls who responded to her swimsuit picture calling her “horny.”

After the 20-year-old daughter of music legend David Bowie and fashion icon Iman shared a picture of herself wearing a one-piece bathing suit, and one nasty social media user responded with a message that read: “Horny today, are we?”

She shared the response via her story for her 84,000 followers to see, along with a confident message which told the troll to “go f*** yourself.”

Lexi — whose full name is Alexandria Zahra Jones — said that it feels good to love her body after “years of hating it and disrespecting it.”

She explained that there was “no shame” in posting a photograph wearing swimwear but that it was a shame that people felt the need to “twist” her post into something “perverted and vulgar.”

With a final few words for the hater, Lexi called the person a “dim-witted piece of trash” before saying “go f*** yourself.”

Her message read: “Feels good to love my body after years of hating and disrespecting it. No shame in liking how I look in my cowboy swimsuit, but a shame that you’re able to twist it into something so perverted and vulgar. What a dim-witted piece of trash, and sad that there are more people like you. Go f–k yourself.”

Despite the little mishap, the young woman has a lot of people supporting her. One commenter told her, “That’s not fair. How is someone even allowed to be so beautiful?”

Lexi Jones David Bowie Iman Daughter Fights Troll

Lexi spent most of her life outside of the spotlight, despite her famous parents. Now, she gives her Instagram followers an insight into her life and her work creating art.

She has posted throwback photos of her father, David Bowie, who passed away in 2016 after a liver cancer battle.

Last month, she posted a birthday tribute to her dad on January 8, which would have been his 74th birthday.

Lexi was the only child that David Bowie and Iman shared together, although she has a half-sister and half-brother from her parents’ previous marriages.

And earlier this month, she shared another throwback of David Bowie looking rather unimpressed and holding a single balloon, surrounded by more balloons and birthday decorations while sitting at a table with a sign that read “happy birthday Lexi.”

Lexi often posts interesting thoughts on Instagram, she recently noted how as a “young adult,” she misses bits of her teenage years.


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