Fake Plastic Surgeon, Who ‘Ruined A Life,’ Is Arrested While Performing Surgery On Another Patient

Alcalira Jimenez De Rodriguez Arrested Fake Plastic Surgeon Florida

A woman in Florida was arrested this month after she carried out plastic surgery procedures without a license and left one of her patients with a disfigured nose.

Alcalira Jimenez De Rodriguez, 56, was apprehended last week while she was mid-way through a procedure at the clinic where she was practicing illegally without a medical license.

The police had begun investigations after Vincenzo Zurlo got in touch last month with suspicions raised by Jimenez De Rodriguez.

He had first undergone rhinoplasty with Jimenez De Rodriguez in February 2020, but after his nose was not healing correctly, he returned in May for another procedure.

Zurlo said he had paid $2800 for the surgery, according to a police report issued on Sunday.

Jimenez De Rodriguez denied Zurlo’s request for her license number and insurance details, which he asked for after realizing the nose job had gone wrong.

Zurlo’s suspicions were also raised by a prescription he had received from the imposter surgeon for pain relief medication, which had another doctor’s name on it.

According to the police report, Zurlo said Jimenez De Rodriguez could not do the surgery correctly and could not find a solution to his pain, and therefore something must be wrong.

He also said she had ruined his life by botching the procedure. After opening the investigation, an undercover agent was sent to visit Jimenez De Rodriguez’s practice for a consultation.

Vincenzo Zurlo told local media: “She cannot do my nose right, she prescribed me the medication from another doctor, she cannot find a solution to my pain, so something is wrong; something has to be wrong. She was the one that with that surgery that day, she ruined my life.”

One commenter stated: “$2,800 for plastic surgery is scary, he knew this was too good to be true. How can we continue to feel sorry for these types of people.”

A second person added: “So people don’t run background checks or do any research before letting someone cut them? The way my trust issues are set up. Whew! Like she’s obviously a foul evil crazy b**** but Sir? Fr?”

On March 11, police entered the practice and arrested her while she was performing surgery on another patient.

Police clarified with the Florida Health Department that Jimenez De Rodriguez did not have a license to practice medicine in Florida.

Police have also confirmed that they had sent an undercover agent to meet with Jimenez De Rodriguez for a consultation about medical treatment.

Jimenez De Rodriguez is being held on a $5,000 bond at a county jail after being charged with practicing medicine without a license and resisting arrest.


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