Salma Hayek Puts Her Endless Legs On Display In Semi Sheer Dress Video As She Shares Her Most Personal Story With Fans

Salma Hayek Coronavirus Variety Photos

Actress Salma Hayek is featured on the cover of the latest edition of Variety magazine, wearing a powerful white suit.

Inside she shows off her endless legs in a semi-sheer blue dress with ruffles. In a video, the actress and filmmaker can be seen sitting on a piece of vintage furniture as she posed for the photographers.

The wind blows in her hair with her legs crossed as she attempts to take the perfect photo. Salma Hayek also posed kneeling in front of a stunning chimney in a daring red dress.

Inside the magazine, the mother of one opened up about her battle with coronavirus during the early stages of the pandemic last year.

She went into some detail about her experience with coronavirus and its effects on her.

The 54-year-old Mexican-born actress said she was on oxygen at one stage of the illness and her doctor begged her to visit the hospital since it could have been fatal.

However, Salma Hayek says she responded to the doctor saying that she would “rather die” at home in London, where she lives with her CEO billionaire husband Francois Henri Pinault and their 13-year-old daughter, Valentina.

After recovering, she began work with House of Gucci alongside Lady Gaga and Adam Driver. However, she found herself exhausted due to the fatigue and lack of energy she was still feeling.

Salma Hayek had quarantined for seven weeks during her illness and found her return to work afterward was a “lot.”

Even on Zoom calls, the Desperado star said she would get “so tired” and had to stop after a certain number of virtual meetings to avoid becoming even more exhausted.

She confessed: “I had to convince myself that I’m a fighter and, above all else, a survivor. When all this happened with the Harvey story, I didn’t know that it happened to so many women. I went into such a depression for months. It really took an army of women to make me see I was a true survivor and a true fighter. When I wrote it, I didn’t even know if I was really going to show it to anyone. I kept saying, “Who wants to hear my story? Why am I giving myself self-importance?” They had been asking me for it from the beginning, but I put it down on paper just for me.”

As well as going into detail about her recent suffering and illness, Salma Hayek also took the time to write about an article she penned in 2017 for the New York Times about her ordeal with film producer and convicted sex offender Harvey Weinstein.

She alleged that he asked her to take a shower with him and offered to perform oral sex on her when she was working on the 2002 movie Frida.

Hayek said it took so long to open up about the abuse because she “chose not to be a victim,” and it took other women coming forward to make her realize she is a “true survivor” and a “true fighter.”


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