Beyoncé And Jay-Z’s Daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, Appears In New Video Explaining Why Hands Washing Is Important During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Beyoncé Blue Ivy Carter Jay-Z's Daughter

Blue Ivy Carter has appeared in a cute yet smart PSA video where she is showing the world the importance of handwashing during the coronavirus pandemic that has infected millions.

Blue Ivy, the eight-year-old daughter of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, appeared in a brief video that was posted by her grandmother, Tina Knowles, where she took part in a simple DIY science experiment.

Using soap in a bowl and pepper, (to represent the virus), in a large plate, Blue showed how the soap repels the virus.

While Blue was busy being a science girl and explaining the process one of her twin siblings, Rumi or Sir, started crying in the background. Many fans praised the little girl for her PSA.

A social media user explained: “She’s an heiress, singer, rapper, songwriter, model & now, scientist? We stan!”

This backer stated: “Yes, for the articulation of every word. Honestly, I can’t afford the kind of soap this child uses because my soap made the pepper gravitate toward me when I tried this 🥴🥴.”

Another follower wrote in the comment section: “Y’all heard the Queen’s daughter speak!! Wash your hands and stay inside!!!! Great public speaker already 🙌🏾 very impressed by her diction.”

Blue released the clip just hours Beyoncé took a stand by appearing on the One World: Together at Home concert special, where she advocated for African Americans to be aware that the coronavirus is killing them by the thousands.

The pop star and actress also expressed her gratitude for the millions of medical professionals and essential workers who are on the frontline and risking their lives to keep Americans safe, to care for them, and to keep the country going.

Beyoncé stated: “Tonight, we celebrate true heroes, those who are making the ultimate sacrifice to keep us all safe, fed, and healthy. To the doctors, the nurses, and other health care workers who are away from their families taking care of ours, we continue to pray for your safety. To those in the food industry, delivery workers, mail carriers, and sanitation employees who are working so that we can be safe in our homes, we thank you for your selfless service.”

She then spoke directly to the African-American community by saying: “Black Americans belong to these parts of the workforce that don’t have the luxury of working from home. And African-American communities at large have been severely affected in this cries. Those with pre-existing conditions are at higher risk.”

She continued: “This virus is killing black people at an alarmingly high rate in America. In a recent report from my home city of Houston, Texas, showed that COVID-19 deaths within Houston city limit 57 percent of fatal cases are African-Americans.”

She concluded by: “Please protect yourselves. We are one family, and we need you. We need your voices, your abilities, and your strength all over this world. I know it’s very hard, but please be patient, stay encouraged, keep the faith, stay positive, and continue to pray for our heroes. Good night and God bless you.”

Blue Ivy was a hot topic on social media all night.


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